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is it just me or does this happen to everyone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ytfghmjb, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. if i wake and bake before school, i do SO MUCH better with every assignment
    i ace tests without a problem, do better understanding shit, and stay out of trouble
    usually im a class clown, im the loud one, i talk to everyone and it gets n teachers nerves
    but when im high, everyone knows because im so quiet and shit . and my teachers wont snitch on me cuz they love when im quiet
    but anyway does ms. mary help anyone else in school or just me ?

    oh and btw, im 19. by "school" i mean college
  2. Ive went to skl high a couple of times ... and I have no idea what the hell is going on ... i would fail any test if i had to take one :smoking:
  3. shit man i do that at least 3 times a sucks because by 4th period that shits worn off.
  4. yeah i do that all the time... but im with the 999 dude.... by 4th period im just tired
  5. I do it every once and awhile. I'll smoke a bowl in the car on the way. Then I'll sneak out to the parking lot between periods and smoke another midway through the day. Doesn't happen very often though.
  6. yeah the first time i did it i was tired after like 3rd-4th period
    but ive taken the habit of goin gout for lunch and rippin a few bowls in the middle of the day
    so i usually stay high all day..
    i get a half O every saturday and it lasts me all week loll
  7. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I couldn't have passed summer school Physics II if I didn't wake and bake EVERY day, cept test day.

    Mary got me out of that shit for sure. She helped me focus on taking notes and learning and stuff, instead of spacing out like I would otherwise do.
  8. I have found that when U.T.I.(under the influence) I can Focus my attention.
  9. #9 Atom., Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2008
    Now I never went to college, but wouldn't people get annoyed if you tried to talk to them and be goofy, they're trying to learn and make a career happen. I dunno, correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. haha exactly. i am so much more focused and shit, i just take everything in
    my professor actually seems interesting when high .
  11. who said anything about being stupid or goofy?
    all i said was i bust a few wisecracks here and there every once in a while
    i know my limits and i dont cross them .
    i have a good relationship with the teacher and most students, so they usually dont mind as long as we dont get totally off track
  12. happens to me. Good sativa makes me a much, much better scholar and makes studying FUN
  13. Oh I love going to school high before a big exam. Plus it's culinary school free munch food ;)
  14. man, I still act like a retard when I smoke. I couldn't pull it off. People would converse with me for like 30 seconds and ask "are you high". I have a feeling I might do a little better though. I wouldn't try it until I can smoke and be suave and hide my stonededness.
  15. I actually give up on the tests I take while I'm high and just tell my teacher that I'll accept an F for the day. (I kick ass in school, the next test I'll ace to even it out)
  16. Depends HOW high. If it's just a little, i'm just myself only louder, more obnoxious, and more prone to pollitical, religious, or moral arguments. If I'm really stoned, I'm all submissive and quiet because I can get pretty paranoid. I just try to be chill and not attract attention when I'm really high.

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