Is it just me or are we getting closer?

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  1. it seems everyday that we are getting closer to the legalization/decrim of marijuana. about ten years ago we did not see anything on tv about the benefits and how it doesnt do anything to your health. in the year 2000, 7600 people died from anti inflamatory over the counter drugs. (asprin)

    and marijuana is still at 0.. i just want to go slap the head of DEA and any top spots on the drug war. its complete ignorance, and i am glad to see these steps in the right direction.

    just keep praying., i think its just disgusting that a plant thats been around forever, and has medicinal benefits is overlooked and still consdidered a gateway drug.

    heres the link for anyone interested.
  2. with the help of athletes such as michael phelps, santonio holmes (super bowl MVP who was suspended early in the season for having a couple blunts in his ash tray), josh howard (all star forward, who stated during an interview that most NBA players, including himself smoke marijuana in the offseason) people have really started to open their eyes and see that if these world class athletes can must really not be that bad
  3. It needs to hurry up and be legalized, i probably know one or two people that actually dont smoke it.
    I mean seriously EVERYBODY smokes it around here.
  4. As much as I hate to say it, but every day that passes, legalization gets further and further away.
    I know people who dont like it who think it should be legalized.
  5. I just went through my phone contacts and I do not know ONE person that doesn't smoke.
  6. Dude.

    My home girl's entire family, including her 12 year old cousin, smokes, sells, and/or grows weed.

    It's rediculous.

    And I mean EVERYONE in that family.
  7. Well your going to have contacts of people with similar interests.
  8. All people in my phone were met at work or college campus. I don't talk to someone because they look like they smoke, I usually find out after we have become acquainted.
  9. It depends on how long we stay in the "recession." If legalization ever makes it to the table soon then my prediction is if not 4 years, 5. My reasoning is that if something gets to Obamas desk, or even caucus in Congress, the only reason it wouldn't pass in Obamas first term is if people are worried about their jobs by losing votes. That's why they might push a controversial topic like that to Obamas 5th year. It will happen. I know it.
  10. we have a black president(who i really didnt like at first but hes growing on me!) and a 8timegold medalist that likes bongs. I think the OP is right beacuse a state that borders my state just dicrimed it and my state now has a 2new mj bills up for vote!

    a med one and a decrim one.
  11. It needs to get to the point where I can walk my ass to the gas station and buy a quarter of herb along with my usual 40 oz. and pack of Newports instead of tracking some elusive motherfucker down, setting a random location to meet up for the exchange, and waiting for his ass to get there because 9 times out of 10, the asshole is late.

    Until then, I will not be satisfied.
  12. We should ask bkadoctaj.

    He'll know.

  13. I feel it will happen soon. Its quite possible that there will be more yays than boos if Obama legalized even within the next year or so.

    I don't think it will wait 5 years simply because the support and push, and spread of laws (decrim) is happening too fast for it to wait 5 years. The pressure is strong and will soon be too much, too sensible, and too needed (economy). IMO it is going to happen within then next year or two.
  14. Whens the last time you heard the government admit they were wrong and overturn something?
    Especially when the people to overturn have their age old beliefs.
  15. oh man, how i lol'd

    mark my words, unless THE PEOPLE get pissed off, NOTHING will happen. and stoners dont get pissed off. so my guess is we're going to be waiting for a long ass time.

    what do we do? get together a few times a year and blaze? on april 20 and maybe one more or 2 more other dates. look at all the revolutions. people rioted and CHANGE came. people didnt just sit on their fucking couches watching the inauguration yelling "yes we can."

    so in my opinion, my dear blades, LESS TALK, MORE ACTION
  16. can you explain what you mean by this? Its kind of the opposite of what I would think.

    And honestly, as much as I want marijuana to be legalized i think there are alot more important issues that Obama needs to deal with first. and also, even though a lot of people do smoke it still would be a controversial issue and Obama might want to save it for his second term if he is re-elected
  17. Does anybody know what events were happening BEFORE weed was legal in Amsterdam? Was it obvious it was going to be legal soon, or did it just happen out of the blue?
  18. I wish I could explain in such a manner to convince people, but it just seems to me like the fight gets worse and worse...
    Hell, even amsterdam is become restricted as they close more and more shops.
  19. I think we're within 15-20 years away. I'm not getting up my hopes REAL high like in under 10 years but i can see it happening before i turn middleaged.
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    i agree with both of your points, and i had never stated that it would be anytime soon. in the past two years it has been brought up on the news stations many times, a lot more than before. people are starting to realize that marijuana is not as harmful as the gov. says it is. (if at all). but my point being that more and more people are going to the greener side. i also do believe he needs to get other things done, obviously anyone who has some common sense would deal with millions of jobs, the economy, and getting this country back on track; than decriminalzing marijuana right away. and even that would take some time to help the economny it wouldnt just be an overnight thing.

    and believe me, i know the government knows that its not harmful as they state. but they are too afraid to admit it, and or be bashed by others for it. just because they are in a government job doesn't mean some of them have the same views as us. it will take a lot for them to come right out and say ok to Decrim, or even Medicinal.

    but i think somewhere along the lines a person high up in the government (not ness. president) will have enough common sense to realize how stupid they are for not taking advantage of this "Stimulus Plan"

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