Is it just me or are members or people close to members....

Discussion in 'General' started by Russian Roulett, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Is it just me or are members or people close to members of GC are dying out one by one? I think we should all take a deep breath and enjoy our life while it lasts. :smoking:
  2. Havn't noticed it myself, but heres to life:smoking:

  3. i agree with taking a breath relaxing n being thankful for what you've got
    but thats life for ya, friends and family die off...this isnt nuthun new, so have a good time while you and they are here
    in the end death gets us all, if some1 could beat it they would, but thats not how this world is set up.
  4. They come and go, While i continue living my life in the slow lane.
  5. I'm living my life in the carpool lane.

  6. i dun get it....
  7. ^ me either...

  8. I parked my car.
  9. I'm on foot.
  10. i just got my licesne back (damn gov't selling out to insurance companies). but i still have no car.

    i guess you could say i'm on the bike path.
  11. Im taking the next exit and getting some ice cream.
  12. i've been going other places to get high too much.
  13. My rear power window doesn't work...
  14. I drive the ice cream truck. *plays the ice cream song*

  15. it went from take a sec to appreciate life to driving cars lol anyway im with you man.when i was fourteen my parents went on a major health craze,im talking treadmills and jogging and health food and all that shit,they quit smoking cigs and bud and damn near quit drinking,i believe this started cuz a friend of family had heart attack at early age like 40 or something,and as i watched my dad wish he could have a piece of cake it hit me that if you have to watch every little thing you do in order to make it to retirement so you dont have to get up for the man any more then count me out,id much rather live life to the fullest on my own terms and die when i die and not worry about it cuz when it happens ill be dead so who the fuk cares if i got old enough to get arthritis and liver probs and all that shit that comes with old age,now im 27 and i still think that way the only diff is now i have kids and yes id love to be around when they have kids but at the same time i think when you worry about stuff too much it just sux the life out of you,and if anything i want my memory that last longer than my life to reflect that i lived life and enjoyed it and the last place i want to die is in bed with a diaper on!just my 2 cents,anyone feel that way?
  16. It's Rasta Man, trying to distract us from this DEA agents sneaking up behind our ba--


    OH SHIT, son!
  17. 'Operation Grasscity' is right on target. I've assumed this impervious identity, because everybody assumes it's a joke.

    Lucky otherwise my cover would have been blown a long while ago. Still collecting evidence for now.
  18. ^^ make sure you got WTM in meh record if i go down
  19. hey legitballer. I like your quote alot. thats a damn good movie, and we all should just get back to the days of the goodfellas
  20. Haha bumping a 2 year old thread just to comment on a quote?? Half the members are banned anyways:rolleyes:

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