Is it just me or are a lot of blades.....

Discussion in 'General' started by simmer, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. rich?

    It seems like alot of yall have money.....
    Smoking everyday.
    Showin pictures of going snowboarding and then all of a sudden you're in Miami.... talking about all this other shit.

    I am by no means ragging on "you people" but...idk Just are all of yall that rich?

    I feel so poor :(

    I'm throwing a fucking pity part for myself :rolleyes:

    haha but nah, I'll get some money eventually. Knowing myself, I won't be poor forever, even if that means I'd have to live like a half starved bum for a month or two.
  2. I sure as fuck aint rich. But I just spend most all my spare change on bud :D
  3. Work hard to get the things we want in life
  4. Some are, some arent

    I can barely afford a gram a month
  5. i am super far from rich but i was raised to weild my money well :)
  6. Im a poor working stiff.
  7. I make enough to (barely) get high everyday.

    Not because I was blessed with money, but because I can keep track of it, save, and invest in things like a vaporizer.
  8. Smoking weed everyday =/= Rich.

    It means you spend a larger majority on weed. Which is unfortunatly the case with me, but eh, Im living a balanced life...
  9. I could afford to get high everyday, since weed is very cheap where i'm from. but i could never afford those roors or toros...... ok maybe i could, but i'd feel hella guilty if I bought one, and i keep on imagining all the stuff i could get instead of a roor, like, iPods and ps3s and shit. lol
  10. that dude E-BUD is def. rich tho. haha

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