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is it just me, 420 receptor......

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner Guy, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. #1 Stoner Guy, Aug 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2011
    At or close to this time i urge to find a clock and it's 4:20, happens all the time.

    Stoner senses tingling?:smoking:
  2. Ummmmmmmm...what?
  3. happens to me all the time too!

    it is the stoner senses...the body knows when its supposed to enjoy a nice relaxing smoke!
  4. I kinda do the same, but not at 4:20. Usually at 9:21PM every night whether I realize it or not I end up looking at a clock, I'd usually just discard this information but September 21st is my birthday, so it's kinda weird that every night I look at the clock at 9:21. o_O

  5. yeah normally don't just randomly check my phone's time but today i did and been t-breaking so i didn't do the usual pre-meditated 420 toke but it was 420.

    i think the brain bookmarks times like sometimes ill wake a minute before my clock goes off.
  6. Haha, this happens to me too. I'll just be on my laptop or looking at my phone and when I peep the time it's frequently 4:20.
  7. Think about how many times a day you look at a clock. You don't notice that it's 4:20 EVERY day, it just makes you think about it when you do, and all you remember are the times that you've looked at the clock and it's been 4:20.

    You've probably seen 4:20 on a clock just as much as any other time, you just don't think about it.
  8. i agree but disagree. im sure you don't see all 2400 minutes that relevantly. or the "urge" either. 420 is bookmarked in my brainz.:cool:
  9. Not 420, but if for some reason if I'm up at 1:30 i always make it a note to notice exactly when it is 1:30 and always smoke up. Usually watch some tv then pass out.

    Just routine bro.
  10. for like a month straight I had this.
    I would wake up every morning at 4:19 to take a bongo rip.
    This made for the mintest april 20th ever.
    smoked like 3g's in the morning starting at 4:19 - 5:00.
    woke up for work moochached till lunch break.
    nothing better!

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