Is it illegeal?

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  1. What are the rules for buying seeds in the US of A? I really don't want 5 0 breaking down my door becuase I ordered some seeds. Whats the deal?
  2. possession, culivation, consuming, selling, buying of all cannabis plants or in part are a crime...i wouldnt suggest ordering out of state.

    and doing some research on your state...
  3. If you order seeds, and they are found, you will just get a letter telling you so. They won't do anything, except your out $50+.

    Also, here in Michigan, a seed is the same as having marijuana it's self. So if you have beans on the floor of your car, and they find them, they can arrest you. But it will get thrown out in court if all they have is beaners on you.

  4. :smoke: I'm glad I live on Vancouver Island BC Canada ! I just can't wrap my head around getting arrested for a SEED ! rollin' on the floor laughin my ass off :D

  5. is it illegal in canada now?? I was searching through the grasscity seed bank and i noticed that the restrictions are now "United States, Canada and Germany." I hope that seeds arent illegal in canada now.. stupid steven harper.. what a bastard!!

    anyone know whats the deal here? is it illegal in Canada now?!?!?! grr i hate harper.
  6. the dutch have arrived :)

    if i'm correct are seeds in Canada illegal, but for medical reasons you may...

    another joke like that to in the UK there are medical choclates (with thc) but weed is illegal

    the only state it where it is realy legal is Jamaica not even in the Netherlands or Belgium we have a law that speeks "you are forbidden to use cannabis but a small amount of 30 grams will not get you in jail. we may not make cannabis products but we may have 5 plants. altough the trading in seeds are not described in the law so everybody may buy seeds or sell seeds. In belguim you also may buy/sell seeds but you only may have 3 grams on pocket and one harvested plant.

    but only in the Netherlands you can buy the most (soft)drugs without getting arrested, even mushrooms

    damn i love my coutry
  7. Actually, from what I read with the whole Marc Emery thing, seeds might be illegal in Canada, it's just the law was never enforced. I read that somewhere recently. Maybe it's not true though.
  8. yea well if youve got beaners in your car you might get slapped with a smuggling illegal aliens charge :p
  9. i'm in the US and got my seeds in 4 days from seedboutique... very fast & very stealthy. seems pretty safe to me, man.
  10. Ordering them online is about as safe as it gets..ever read the news on how much actually gets screened at customs? Less than 50% last time I checked, so the chances of them finding a few seeds, let alone busting you are slim to none. Even if they do pick them up, they will confiscate them and send you a letter, which you obviously would not answer.
  11. Well what I want to know is it the quality of the seed really there or is it just stuff? I get good seeds from my smoke at one point in the day I had a gallon bag full of seed from good smoke. I made the mistake of planting just five plots thru the rake and sake method and ended up with 1/2 acre of super seedy pot but hey it was a learning thing.....

    Let me know how your seeds you order work out and about the female seeds thing. I really want to know more about them.....
  12. ^^^ I found that funny as hell!
  13. Hey all, just thought we would let you know about a few ot the rules for pot in the land of oz, We are currently allowed 3 warnings for the cultivation and possesion before you are charged. you are allowed up to 3-4 plants for personal use, if you get cought they will take them and give you an official warning. You are also allowed a few ounces before you are actually charged. For selling pot you need to be caught a few times before you actually go to prison. Oz has some pretty week pot laws.
  14. There's a place called Oz?
  15. No, the US government is just a big bully, and the Canadian gov. is, essentially, the US gov's bitch. The DEA basically said to Canada, "Uh, this guy Mark Emery is violating US law (though not violating any Canadian law) so can you please arrest him and extradict him to our country? DO IT!"

    Emery wasn't charged with vioating any Canadian law. He was charged with violating US law, and he's not even a US citizen. Outrageous.
  16. I don't order my seeds I get them from dealers for free and one seed i planted is purple haze believe it or not! I'm so happy!

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