is it illegal to mail pollen from a male

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  1. i need some pollen to get afew seeds off a branch or 2 on my white widow, but i dont know if its illegal to send a bag of pollen through the mail lol, anybody have a male of a realy nice strain that theyre keeping to polinate their female (im from the uk and growing white widow)
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    In the UK, no I don´t think so. But by the time it gets to its destination it will probably be sterile.
    But if you must try it, put it in a container and label it ´Turmeric´ nobody will ever think it is anything else.
  3. thanks, id get who ever posted to do first class next day, id send back the money for the postage and a lil extra :hello:
  4. Male pollen from a mail?
  5. MAILING pollen from a male
  6. This question makes me sad, even though it is honestly a good one...

    It just reminds me of the absurd laws that cripple marijuana... :mad:

    Pollen, like the entire plant, is completely natural... so why should we even have to consider if it is illegal or not?
  7. +repped
  8. I know.

    I was just having fun with MALE and MAIL
  9. I would say the same laws probably apply considering it's still part of the plant.
  10. oo lol

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