Is it healthy for the plant if you talk to it??

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  1. Im curious if talking to it is healthy for the plant, because when we talk we exhale carbon dioxide. And if it is healthy for it, how does it benefit it?
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    It's not necessarily unhealthy for the plant, so it'd be just as healthy when not talking to it. The short answer regarding benefit is that no, it doesn't really help the plant. The long answer would point out that if done for hours in a small enclosed area with no ventilation, it would become as unhealthy for you as it became beneficial to the plant.
  3. It's only beneficial if you say nice things to it.
  4. I tell my ladies "Good morning and good night" everyday.
  5. unhealthy for u, ur loosing it lol
  6. Sure it is! You're breathing beneficial CO2 all over her, and she sure loves that! Plus it gives you a chance to actually spend time looking her over, making sure things are spot on. Though you can probably do all this to the same effect without actually TALKING to her and looking like a lunatic, but where's the fun in that? Go ahead, talk dirty to her. Pun totally intended.
  7. lol ya i do go blow on my babys a lil to give them sum carbon dioxide n clean any crap off leaves but the day i get up n say, goodmorning ur lookin good today girl. to my mj
  8. LOL might be healthy to the plants, but cant be to good for your psych! haha

    But on a serious note i am real nice to my plants, thank them when they grow fast and problem free nd i have a pretty lucky fem rate
  9. Yeah, you gotta show em a little sweet sweet lovin if they're gonna love you back with some big tasty treats! Remember they're girls, girls need a little romance. Make them forget you're about to brutally maim and dismember them in a few weeks.

    And Genocide, you bet your ass I said good morning to my girls, tell em how good they look and smell, it was the best part of my morning! And my girlfriend at the time never got jealous, so it's gotta be normal.
  10. You'll know you have a problem when they start talking back. Either a problem or some really good dank.
  11. ??
    Basic biology states that plants expel oxygen as a waste just was animals expel CO2. Plants need CO2 and we need oxygen. I dont really see why it would become unhealthy for you.

  12. He's saying that the only way that your CO2 could affect the plant is if you both were in a vacuum. At the point where the vacuum sealed room had enough CO2 to benefit the plant, the lack of oxygen in same room would kill you. And the pot, theoretically, could not produce enough oxygen to sustain you.
  13. If your plants start talking back, then we'll revisit this whole "healthy" question.
  14. Check my post about free range nugs; those particular ladies are now standing tall and pretty with just a hint of haughty disdain for the chaotic tangle around them. They don't actually talk but there is a conversation going on that I try hard to understand.
  15. Sleep in your grow room, you would exhale alot more co2 than just talking to it. It's what I do, but I don't have a choice it's in my bedroom.

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