Is it harmful to switch light sources frequently.

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    If I have my plant in my greenhouse outside during the day and under CFLs at night? Is it going to be stressful or harmul on the plant with the constant light changes?

  2. alot is going to happen why?
  3. Sorry I guess I will make it more clear. Will it harm the plants at all or anything if there is two different types of lights. (Outdoor, and CFL's)
  4. Well i don't know about outside growing.
    But a couple of years ago, my friend was keeping clones for me while i was away for 2 weeks on holiday. The clones were rooted for about a week or so. His plants were flowering, so when he got up in the morning he switched off the CFL (tight cunt lol) and put the clones under his HPS light during the day, and back to the CFL at night and so on. When i came home i wasn't happy with what he had done (cause i was thinking the same as yourself). But changing the light spectrum didn't harm or stress those plants in any way. Maybe it was because it was during veg, i dont know.
    Obviously your plants are in veg if you are asking that question. I'd say go for it. Because i think during the full cycle of the days sun there will have different spectrums of light anyway. The spectrum is to do with the position of the sun hitting our atmosphere.
  5. Yea they arent close to flowering yet, thank you!
  6. When my babes were sprouts I put the smallest ones under fluoros on dull days. Set my timer to sunrise and sunset though. They didn´t suffer any ill effects.
  7. so yes they will be fine,

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