Is it harder to black out from vodka than other hard liquor

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  1. The last (handful amount) of times I've been drunk, it was off vodka because it's cheap but not once have I blacked out. Even when I intentionally keep drinking and drinking til the point I can't even speak or anything I don't black out or throw up. In the past I would black out and throw up often if I was drinking Rum or Whiskey or something. But from vodka I can't ever remember a specific time that I blacked out. So is it possible or is my body just adjusting better to alcohol now or something?
  2. People claim a difference between Brown and Clear liquor, But I don't think it matters at all. The only time I ever blacked out was with Four Loko
  3. The probability of you blacking out is directly related to the amount of ethanol you ingest. Being that the main difference between liquors is the additives and not the alcoholic content, I'd say your chances of blacking out are level for all 80 proof beverages.
  4. I once tried this stuff called pussy liquor once, and I almost blacked out from the taste.

    I'm not a big fan of pussy liquors.
  5. Trying to drink till you blackout is stupid enough. What's your goal here? lol
  6. I know clear liquor gets you less hungover than dark liquors
  7. I just can't drink Vodka anymore. I can literally feel it burning away the lining of my stomach with every shot.

    Whiskey on the other hand...Not that I drink often but I do LOVE me some straight up Wild Turkey.

    I used to drink straight Stoli all the time with my crazy ass Ukrainian Neighbor. You'd go over there and there's always be an open bottle of Stolichnaya on his kitchen table with a tumbler sitting next to it. I just can't do it anymore.
  8. Idk the other night I was just trying to get as drunk as I could because I haven't felt as drunk as I used to feel in a long time for some reason and I was skyping with some girl and she thought it was funny so I just like kept drinking for like hours until I was like "Fuck I'm just gonna go to sleep" and then I woke up with no hangover either. I felt really really good in the morning. That's another thing, the only time in my life I got a bad hangover was when I drank my moms $5 cooking gin a long time ago with my friend and got the drunkest i've ever been maybe. I really haven't felt any of the noticable ill effects of alcohol in a long time. And I don't get nearly as drunk as I used to either, even right after I took a 5 month break from alcohol from april to september.
  9. You should probably chill on the drinking a bit dude, that shit'll fuck you up. Also, speaking from experience, blacking out isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've only blacked out once, and the only positive is that I don't actually remember much of the being sick. I did, however, still have to deal with the results of being sick the next morning while hungover with new next door neighbors moving in. I'd say, if you really want to get that fucked up just smoke weed until you pass out. No hangover and you get the best sleep of your life.
  10. i black out on a sky bottle half way thru lmao!
  11. Oh god, Four Loko is deadly. You might as well have just been drinking some gasoline with some fruit flavoring.

    It doesn't matter what sort of liquor you drink. Your blacking out is due to the AMOUNT of liquor you've had to drink, not the color.

  12. Why?

    You're not my mom. You know nothing about me or how often I drink. I've only felt sick once in my life from drinking so I can't really relate to what you're saying. And I'm on probation so I can't smoke weed. I was just curious if Vodka doesn't get you as drunk. Thanks for the advice though :cool:

    And I've never passed out from smoking too much weed, I'd imagine that'd be really expensive.
  13. [quote name='"WhiskeyBits"']

    Oh god, Four Loko is deadly. You might as well have just been drinking some gasoline with some fruit flavoring.

    It doesn't matter what sort of liquor you drink. Your blacking out is due to the AMOUNT of liquor you've had to drink, not the color.[/quote]

    That's pretty much what it tasted like.
    That night, I fell on a pizza.
    Don't remember getting a pizza. Don't know why the pizza was in a place I could fall on it, but it happened.
  14. Damn, this thread makes me want to drink. :(

    4 more weeks till im done with this stupid drug and alcohol treatment :devious:
  15. It is actually easier in a in my experience hits you all at once out of no where unless you drink really slow.

    Whisky, is a lot harder to black out on cuz you feel it instantly.
  16. Because I've heard too many stories about people dying from alcohol poisoning. The line between blacking out and dying is pretty thin. I'm not trying to be your mom, I'm just saying, if you're trying to black out you're playing with fire.

    Sorry about the probation, that sucks man.
  17. vodka is dangerous lol, you get a little bit fucked up and you start poundin them back because you can't taste shit
  18. Vodka is dangerous. It always makes my roommate smile and it causes my butt to hurt! Weird.
  19. well fuck bud, forget what I said. If you don't get a hangover, giver till yer liver quivers!


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