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Is it hard to grow?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by hijennica, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. is it hard to grow weed? Will I get bud by simply leaving on my windowsill and watering it? I know it won’t be top shelf or any of that, but is it possible to grow it like any other plant? How “bad” could it turn out as far as yeild and quality?
  2. the worst you could do is get nothing and kill the plant hahahaha

    the best you could do is probably 10g dried maximum on a windowsill, id say you'll get 2 or 3 grams realistically, and you'll need some nutes of some sort because im guessing it'd be in a small pot so it'd run out pretty quick, but you can get a small bottle for under 10 euros.

    Other than that they'll stretch a lot due to the lack of light, and thats about it, so yeah its doable if you wanna do it as an experiment but for an actual worthwhile pov yield wise its extremely meh.

    Anyway hope I helped!

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  3. is it hard to grow cannabis? No
    Will a plant make it just from some watering and a window seal? Highly doubt it and it has been proven many times by other 1st timers who think it can.

    These plants require high amount of light and nutrients.

    Are you unable to get a 3-5 gallon pot and place the plant outsid?
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  4. Consider it a science project.
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  5. The temps swing way too much if on or near a window

    more so this time of year

    also we are still in 12x12 until 3/24 when the days get longer

    unless you want your plant to immediatly fall to flower

    you need a light

    as you will find lazy growers make fuckall weed

    they also make the worst of moochers

    good luck
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  6. I have two plants in 3 gallon pots on my windowsill already, but now I have new seedlings and am curious on how my plants will turn out. I live in the Bay Area as well, so I can’t place them outside :( It’s my first time growing, don’t want to invest a lot, and sadly don’t have the space anywhere else :/ . I’m using these plants as an experiment, but I still want them to turn out the best they can. My two plants have been growing since December 10th 2017, and have been chillin by my windowsill since- I’m assuming that’s why they’re so small for they’re age. It looks like they’re still growing too. Any comments on these babies? They’re more than 3 months old now, are they just growing slowly due to lack of light and nutes? They are very stretched( I think) how will this effect them?

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  7. how long will it take for these windowsill babies to flower if I leave them with only sunlight and water?
  8. Mars hydro 300w is what you need. Will change things drastically and it’s relatively cheap. Window sill grows will pretty much always disappoint sadly.

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