Is it hard to grow weed?

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  1. well today, i was bored, and i decided i would germ some seeds a week ago, just for kicks, and to see if they could live in there for a week or 3. The weed i got the seeds from was decent quality, because i bought a quarter and only got 4 seeds..

    i was high and i decided, is growing weed indoors as hard as everyone says? are grow rooms that cost over 1000 dollars worth what your getting? could i grow weed with junk people have laying around there houses? would it be as hard as all your fancy threads make it seem? i decided i would grow weed using 0 (thats right 0 dollars) to see how it turns out.

    so anyways, heres what i did.

    i took the seeds out, and i liked the roots on them, and they had a green part (if you are really interested search for a thread in this section called "fucked?" for a ok picture that i drew) out of soil, and the root in it. (i used topsoil, from another plant [not weed]).

    i put it in a folgers coffee can, and i put it in the crawl space of my home. a crawl space is a 4 foot high space under a room for plumbing and stuff like that, that is in my tri-level house. i have a ocilating fan on a 4 by 4 closed off "room" in the crawlspace that has morror and foil walls.

    there is a light directly over the can (150 WATT lightbulb attached to a broken lamp) and another 150 WATT lightbulb on it, as well as a black light, some christmas lights, and a fake candle in the room which has 1 wall opening with the fan blowing air from the opening and a small space heater next to the fan on low.(its cold in there, *****!)

    i brake the paragraphs, was getting big. most people dont wanna read short stories.

    anyways, i have all these lights, and a air pressure machine thing (idk it was a random thing that i thought might help) surrounding this poor folgers can with 4 baby plants in it. the whole setup costed me 0 dollars, and took about 15-20 minutes to accumulate and set up.

    i have money for weed, but i made this just to see if i could produce some buds, with a crappy setup with things around the house, and if it will be sucessful. today was the first day, and i just watered the little guys. they are small little leaves on them right now

    anyways i hope they grow, just to prove you fancy people who wanna spend too much time and money to grow a pretty easy to grow plant.

    FEB 17th. small leaves, about 1 inch high.
  2. reserved for pics. cam at gf's house,and we smoked there, but i forgot it! silly weed. anyways, comments are accepted,and ill add pics soon
  3. well I bet you dont even finish it...unless you make some adjustments. Not to say one cant grow with min. budget, plenty here have shown you can. But remember the old saying..."you get what you put in".

    Some of us put the time and money into it cause we want the best results we can obtain...if your not willing to put in the effort, dont expect any great results. You dont need to spend $1000 to get good results...experience will trump money spent anyday.

    Doing this test to try and show people you can get the same results with junk around your house is a joke, you have to know your not going to get anywhere close to what a well functioning grow room can produce, right? Thats great you have money for bud...I have money to spend on other shit...cause I havent bought bud for years.

    Good luck on your grow,
  4. thanks, but its not effort that im worried about. im 100% dedicated to this, and will do whatever i can to help them, besides spend money, i am going to find more light fixtures for my area, and maybe even some ventilation tubing, if theres any left spare in the attic. i dont mind buying weed because i get great prices from someone who i help and helps me best friends. anyways i know a more efficient and effective grow room would be great, but its not like growing them wrong is illegal (oh nvm it is).
    anyways this is my first grow and i only did this to learn.

  5. Exactly why putting a couple hundred bucks into it and actually get something in return for your effort. Not trying to put you down man really...I just think your wasting your time to make a point of growing bud with nothing but junk from house.

    Most people make the effort to learn to grow correctly, even if they have to start small and slow. Would you learn to rebuild a motor using a spoon, hammer and drill cause they were laying around your garage? No you get the correct tools for the job and go from there.

    Like I said good luck on the grow:rolleyes:

  6. im on probo for a few weeks and i dont want my 'rents to know im doin that shit til i get off. i think it will be fairly successful, back when i was like 16 i grew a plant in my room under a lamp and it barely got watered.

    anyways gratz on your grow setup, im probably going to build a nicer one in a month or so.

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