Is it good to use HPS for vegetative stage?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by sunndropper, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Dear GrassCity growers,
    Is it good to use HPS for vegetative stage... or would I be better off using a Metal Halide?
  2. I quit using MH years ago. Straight HPS now for the entire grow. :smoking:
  3. It is very ok to use HPS for an entire grow
    But if you had a choice between a similar watt hps and mh lamp for a grow then the HPS would be my choice due to the fact that I will have the plant in flowering mode way longer than veg
  4. You're asking two different questions.

    Yes it's good to use HPS for veg.

    Yes you would be better off using MH for veg.
  5. Thanks everyone. I was looking into an HPS light for my grow tent. I'm dialing in all the factors and now I plan to use LED because of the wattage limitations I have for now. Thanks again!
  6. U dont want to waste HPS on veg Use CFLs or MH In veg plants dont care too much about the light as long as its ALLOT of it.
  7. It's not a waste to veg with HPS. Don't see how you got to that conclusion. I always use HPS for the entire grow. Works great.

  8. Its a "waste" if you consider you can use a massive t5 and get the same effect at lower energy cost haha, but not a waste in terms of the plants LOVING it
  9. plants stretch a little bit more vegging under hps

    tighter nodes if you veg under mh...but the difference is so little it's almost negligible

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