is it gonna make it!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by enorty, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. so a few days ago my friend tells me hes been growing a plant for some time now and its started to bud! i immediatly thought... CLONE! so we went to visit his plant.. i didnt even really believe him at first but when i saw it.. wow. anyways, we cut off this branch, probably a little bit bigger than a normal clone but its one of the smaller branches trust me.

    i got back to my house got a pot filled it with soil, dipped the clone in some rooting gel, stuck it in the soil and put a bit of water in.

    heres a few pics people.. tell me, do you think this is going to survive?



    most of the plant is still green except those few leaves yellowing, but im assuming that natural for clones to do at first. This is Day 2 since the cutting.

    i dont know why that first pic is so blurry i think my battery may be low, sorry for that.

    I have plenty of expierence with outdoor grows from seed, but this is my first clone I have ever recieved.
  2. go to sick plants board and read all of ganga guerillas's'll be fine, or read my thread on same board...good luck.
  3. this isnt a sick plant, this is a clone i just planted 2 days ago and i want to know if you guys think its going to survive, and actually re-root itself.
  4. i know just read those posts he covers it all...yes it should survive i snapped off the top cola 2 weeks into flower, read the thread and ganga's posts.
  5. Do you know what strain your friends weed plant is???

  6. noope not certain on the strain

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