Is it getting dry round your area

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big.stu, May 19, 2020.

  1. this may be for uk blades really but It it getting dry in your area I've heard a few places going or prices being jumped way up.
    Probably was only a matter of time with everything going on
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  2. I’ve had to go on a compulsory T-Break, it feels good tho. I’m sure by the time I’m back stoning gon be so stoning again
  3. no, i have a medical card. if there's one on the streets that's not my problem anymore lol
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  4. A few of my dealers have took a break from selling so they don't draw attention but that's about it:confused_2:, one of my homies who sells has been getting 10-18ozs at a time to sell like before lockdown :laughing: they did mention about weight but only when your buying by the gram.. instead of getting 1.5gs you'll now get 1g :laughing: but full weights are the same price/weights still :confused_2::laughing:
  5. Growing season just finished where I'm at, people are flooding the hood.
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  6. Grow my own and network with other local growers to trade strains and hook each other up between cycles... so never out anymore

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