is it flirting if a cashier smiles at you and says hi?

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    First off I don't even know this girl that much i dont talk to her but she seems to know me?There is this pretty girl, and while I was ordering my food (she was the cashier)
    she smiled at me and said "hi jeff" the weird thing is she has a boyfriend? was she just being nice? she knows i have a girlfriend.
  2. Dude, she said hi...
    If every girl that said hi to me was trying to get in my pants, I'd be wading through pussy right now.
  3. this.

    She said hi, she's a cashier her job is to be sociable.
  4. the wierd thing is she is following me on instagram now. O___O

  5. Yeah, I have a grocery store pretty close to my house that I go to at least once a week and all the employees know me and smile at me and call me by my name.

    I'm at least 50% sure that they aren't all trying to munch my carpet.
  6. It means she might kinda like you. Being a cashier myself i wouldn't put any extra effort in serving someone if i didn't like them on some level. But don't get excited, she probably doesn't want your dick.
  7. I mean, she might also just like you as a person and not in a "wants your dick in her gash" kind of way.

    That's also a possibility.
  8. strange...
  9. i always write that off as them doing their job?
  10. Maybe she is being nice or she was flirting with you depends on how attractive you are. I remember I went to an random Mc Donalds, had my shades and this hot ass latina started flirting with me (I was high as hell but my game was tight as fuck) so I was clumsy but in an funny way, damn I should have asked for her number, could have gotten some pussy.
  11. Ah, the state of the world these days.. it's rude, if a cashier doesn't smile and say hello!

    Even if they don't know you and are not currently serving you, and they just happen to glance over. And being snubbed by a known-acquaintance is just about as bad. :)

    Newfangled chain-store 'employee rules', aside (you know, the whole, if you're within 10-feet of a customer you 'have to be nice', thing), back in the old days if you happened to make eye contact with a customer, or a friend, looking the other way, ignoring, and avoiding them was not exactly the right thing to do.. a smile and a hello, is what polite society used to be all about. :)

    But nowadays, general politeness is so rare, that stores have to make rules to enforce it, and when it happens off the cuff or without a rule in place, folks think they're being hit on! :p

  12. I hate that so much. I hate it for both me and the employee.

    I hate it because the employee has to put on the fake nice face and ask "Are you finding everything okay?!?! :D" with that fucking cheery grin while I awkwardly say "yeah... yup... finding everything just fine... :hide:"

    Really, I'd much rather employees just pay no attention to me whatsoever unless I approach them or until I'm ready to check out.

    This is especially true for clothing store employees who are apparently required to ask me if I need help every 2 minutes. Or maybe they just think I'm a thief.
    I don't know.
    I'm getting off topic.

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    you carpet muncher, you

    i hate the one bitch that has the extra squeeky voice when asking things which is obviously not her normal voice. i think u know what i mean.
  14. Pound that pussy bro
  15. She likes u bro
  16. Simple solution, ask her out. If she says yes then it was flirting. If not, just being friendly :wave:
  17. Naw bruh she was just doin her job
  18. Noooooooooo she gets paid for it. Dumb dumb
  19. Im pretty sure she's paid to smile and say hi. Just like hookers are payed to suck your dick. Lolol

  20. Unless your like me and fuck em on credit :cool:

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