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Is it fair for my girl to trip about this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ButterMyBunz, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. So yea I smoke almost a gram a day and she always complains about it. When I started dating her I didn't smoke much ( 2 years ago). I would consider myself a pothead except there is a catch up that I can't seem to see why she complains so much. I go to college and currently maintain a 4.0 gpa ( Nursing Major).  I'm doing better than her at school, work, social life and everything yet I get high 2 times a day. She has been saying I don't want to date a pothead forever and I always say I will quit once I finish school. I'm only 19 years old and I'm wondering is that fair for her to hold me back like that when I say I will quit mid 20's? Again not to brag but I'm doing really good for 19 years old ( Car, own place, job, school, friends) yea pretty much everything normal but I just smoke. Any advice? I understand this is a stoner forum but try to just put yourself in my situation and think about your girlfriend but also yourself. Thanks

  2. Perhaps she is finding your personality to be getting tedious when high. It always takes two to tango bro. Just because you can fuction doesn't mean there aren't repercussions that "you" don't see.
  3. Yea thanks for that. I completely understand what you are saying. I think she might be right and I should cut back to nights or something during my own time. Thanks for your honest input!
  4. Well if she can't accept you for you, then that's her own problem.
  5. This. But if you really like this girl, relationships are all about compromise. Maybe see if nightly, or every other night is okay.

    Me personally, I don't think smoking two times a day makes you a pot head. I smoke once in the morning, and once at night. Three times on the weekend or days I'm off work.

    I know some pot heads. They spend every little bit of cash they get on bud and it consumes their life. They'll smoke every minute of every day if they can afford it. Those people give us a bad name.

    Best of luck to you bro.
  6. A pot head would be someone like me when I was smoking. Wake up go to work and be stoned from the time I was off work til I went to sleep, and weekends I would be stoned from the time I woke up til the time I went to bed. Nothing wrong with it.
    Quit stringin that chic along. You is one of us ain't never gonna quit! Get you a stoner girl.
  8. Haha this made me laugh. I think about having a stoner girl a lot though. The thing is my gf currently does smoke 2-3 times a week yet still complains about me. Bullshit eh?
  9. Yea I know a few of those. It's sad.
    Get rid of her now! Here's a list of reasons why
    Tries to change you
    Can't make decisions on dinner but has the rest of your life planned out.
    She takes after her mom dude....and her mom is probably a bitch. They will ruin your life. Get out of this relationship now!! For God's sake man. If it weren't for the Pot you'd have already had enough of her shit....I'm 38, married for 8 years. Been down this road, and back again. This chic will get pregnant and suck the enjoyment of life right out of you!!!
  11. Okay you seriously are so fucking accurate though it's scary as shit dude. Her mom is crazy as hell and a bitch and she just got divorced and the guy is hell of normal and my gf says it was because her mom is crazy. I always tell my gf she is just like her mom and her dad even said to me in front of me she is like her mom... You are so true about the pot without it I would go insane and flip. wow.. speechless seriously
  12. Best advice dood. It's always a huge red flag when a girl wants you to change but she isn't willing to change herself. Any girl that thinks that smoking pot makes you a loser or a pot head is an idiot, stay away from idiots. those are not the types you want to end up marrying, unless you want to be nagged and bitched at for the rest of your life. 
  13. fearjar, love your always honest approach!  Fo real tho, he's right I think you need to find someone who can enjoy cannabis with you...or at least completely accept it.  You seem to do being well with school and all so there really shouldn't be an issue.  Twice a day is hardly a pot head in my book. :smoke:
    Dump her, get with the pops, blaze him up and go find you a new mom and daughter team....that is networking. And if you could pull that shit off..We'd vote your ass in as King of Grasscity!! lol
  15. I do agree with you guys but I think I should cut back maybe a little. I do think a lot about the future and after our lease is up I plan to leave and go stay back at my moms until I finish school.
  16. I'm Bill O'Reilly. The spin stops here, and I'm always Fair and Balanced. lol
  17. Cutting back is up to you though remember that. Don't let some girl tell you what to do just because you fear not getting the pussy. There is plenty more out there. If you feel it would be better for you to cut back then go ahead but make that your decision. If you start getting pussy whipped at an early age you will never get out of the system. 
  18. Haha you sound a lot like my best friend.  That would be bad ass though!
  19. Sounds like the girl is a way bigger detriment to your life than the cannabis is.  It's easy to figure out which one has to go.
    You are still young.  You are unlikely to marry her anyways.
  20. Haha nawh deff not pussy whipped but yea. I've been thinking about cutting back just a little bit myself anyways for health reasons and school is getting pretty rough haha.

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