Is it easy to make make THC oil for my weed pen?

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  1. First off! What up y'all? Please allow me to introduce myself, my handle is Gleezure. I am not new to consuming cannabis, but I am new to this forum and I am new to this emerging culture around consuming marijuana. I am just an old guy who I loves smoking weed. I love it!

    So the other day I was on couch watching football and enjoying my weed pen that was loaded with a fresh cartridge filled with Gorilla Glue hemp oil. I got up to answer the door and I sat my weed pen on the couch. When I returned to the couch, I flopped back down directly onto my weed pen. The glass cartridge snapped right at the base. Hemp oil just seeped out onto the couch and left a peculiar looking sticky stain on the back of my khaki shorts. I am so mad. Not about my shorts but... damn! My Gorilla Glue is all wasted!

    So I have 2 questions.
    1. If this ever happens again, there has to be a way for me to salvage the product right? How do I do that?

    2. There was some very interesting information in this article, All About Dabbing — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. But, what I'd really I like to know is, how can I make my own hemp oil for my weed pen? Is it easy to do? How much product will I need?

    Like I said from the top, I am really new to this culture so forgive me if I sound a little wet behind the ears. : }

  2. Welcome Gleezure. Gotta ask about your handle. Is it a gleeful form of seizure? A spin on geezer? Unfortunately I can only answer your spill question with what I’d do. I cut up plastic ‘manila’ folders to scoop bud. I’d use a piece to try to scoop the spill, but doubt I’d rescue as much as I wanted to.
    Just saw a video where tincture was made with buds and enough high proof alcohol (151+) to cover. Shake 3 minutes. Voila, ready-to-use tincture. I think you can use the tincture as a base, but I’m not certain. Good luck!
  3. It depends on how the cart was made if your trying to salvage it. Most pens are filled with mix of Concentrates, Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.
    IF the pen was made using a heat process like Rosin it's decarbed and just sucking the couch or your shorts will get you stoned. :)
    If the cart was made from a cold concentrate like BHO then it'll need heat to activate it.

    Soak the spot in your shorts with very high proof alcohol like 151 or 190 proof. Load the alcohol in an open coil RDA and fire it.
    Vaping pure drinking grade alcohol is relatively harmless.
    Do NOT use ISO (Rubbing) or Denatured (Stove fuel)

    Making vape juice is not that hard if you have access to Hash-Kief or higher grade concentrates.
    Buds just are not strong enough to make good juice.

    Tincture can be both vaped directly or reduced and vaped-smoked.

  4. Morning BNW. The comment about G sucking his shorts had me laughing so much I spilled my coffee. And thanks for the info on bud not being strong enough for vaping. I was gonna try that. Love vape pens; hate the ripoff price. But if making it is that involved maybe the prices are warranted.
    BTW, my plants are fine. Thanks for your help last week. Kwince
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  5. Post pictures I have this happen all the time with mine with the right force and is it still in the closed glass?

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  6. I’m high asf I didn’t read the rest of your thread

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  7. Good morning everyone! Just wanted to throw in my two cents. Bud is plenty strong enuf to dry vape provided you’re using a quality vaporizer. If you’re making vape liquid bud is also strong enuf to make juice that will set you on the couch if it’s done correctly. There are so many variables in making your own vape juice the best bet is to follow a recipe proven by people who have developed one that works and who have been kind enough to post it here on one of the threads. I don’t know how to link or I would point the way. So, do a search on diy vape liquid.
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  8. Straight distalate is the best and no one and disagree it’s perfect flow compared to sauce or shatter mixed with peg

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