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Is it easy to get bud in Cali

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by u.p.juggalo, May 10, 2006.

  1. Im going to my uncles this summer for two weeks and he lives in California and i heard cali has some dank ganja. Is it easy to get bud their??
  2. Yeah, of course Cali. has good bud.

    Easy to get.... all depends on who you run into, and who you know.
  3. Anywhere between San Francisco and Sand Diego should be really easy to get bud. Where in Cali are you going to be?
  4. Im not shure all i know is that its farther north
  5. It is SOOOOOO fucking easy to get dank ass bud in northern california. If your in the Bay Area the bud will find you.
  6. I live in the bay area, close to san jose. The sources I have bought from have been fairly unreliable, but when it gets to me, it is always dank. In fact i've never had any bud worse than high mids.

    Oh yeah, and the fact that i'm in highschool is probably why it's hard for me to find a reliable source.
  7. Bud is very easy to get all over california...and most of it is straight dank... prices however, are not always the best especially if your from out of the area. It allll depends on who you bump into. Let us know when you find out where abouts your going and maybe we can help you out some more
  8. Well...right and wrong. I started smokin' bud in my old hometown L.A and yes, weed is really easy to get NE where in that city or any other SoCal city. I would just ride my bike around town after school and every day I found people/s sessionin' sumwer. But the weed wasn't and still isn't very dank. In fact, I never once bought a legit bag of the dense nugs, almost everything you will buy, especially if you are in High School, will be just a phat bag of chronic shake. And none of the dealers weigh out there weed over there to figure out the price (0.3- $5, 0.6- $10, gram- $15, 1.75- $20 like they do out her in Hood River 'cause it's dank nugs) they will just say "here man, this is some chronic shit" and give you like 3 ounces for $20, so the prices are actually pretty damn good. The reason for this is because most every dealer in L.A has done every drug and is most likely a Tweaker and can get greens really easy, so it's become a secondary drug to them. All they want is 20 bucks so they can get there next halfer. Now if your in the Bay that's a completely different story. The Bay has some of the dankest shit in the country (lot's of Skunk, Haze, and other darker dank buds). But it's expensive as hell, ALL of the bags are fuckin skimp as hell, like a gram fur 20. But I know that any town in North Cali will have the danko. So when you move, shoot for northern Cali
  9. Its insanely easy to get bud in Cali, at least in Nor Cal and Bay Area. Living in SF I pretty much only smoke med bud from friends with cards but I still know tons upon tons upon tons of dealers. The more north you go also the easier it can be to get bud especially if you are anywhere close to Humboldt, which is where a fuckload of the weed that everyone on GC smokes comes from, even non California residents.
  10. Is it easy to get bud in Cali? Is a turtle's butt green? Does a bear shit in the woods?

    I would believe the tweaker dealer part, but as far as I know, Cali dealers weigh their shit out the same way everyone else does.
  11. Used to be easy where i lived. I live in the Hollywood area. I lost 3 connections on the same day. Busted i guess. Now im down and out :(
  12. You COULD NOT be more vague in saying "farther north" in california. So, its rediculous to ask this. Yeah, there is a shitload of dank available here, but it depends heavily on where the hell it is that you are staying.

    But just keep this in mind: If theres a headshop in town, theres weed to be found. The more rural the area you're in, the more difficult it will be to locate a dealer. Maybe swing by a party. The more fucked up people are getting, the better your chances are at finding someone to buy from.
  13. as soon as i walked out of LAX i got a fat sack
  14. I grew up in south orange county and we have all kinds of bud. all over so cal. All danks and lots of medical strains straight from CC. Its about who you know.
  15. that is jsut because you dont know anyone
  16. well i cant speak for nor cal....but in so cal you can find the chronic on almost every corner but like delta9n said it isnt allways the dank shit (unless you are tight with the dealer). oh and delta9n i used to live up in oregon(p-town) and yeah bud is nice in the n.w.
  17. just find someone with a medical license. then you're good to go :) cali medical weed = :)
  18. he's right...when i got my med was one of the best things to happen too me!! i can buy the best bud's whenever i want and i can pick what i want:smoke:
  19. California is one of the birthplaces of some of the most potent marijuana strains in the world. Though you'd still be hard pressed to find some potent dank if you don't know anyone.

    As far as areas go, I have to say that Northern California most DEFINATELY has better weed than Southern California. Nor Cali weed will FUCK YOU UP. So cali weed is very very nice, don't get me wrong, but it's like the difference between a one hitter and a one bowl stone. Nor Cali weed is almost too strong for me and I definately can't handle more than two to three hits. So Cali Chronic, it's like a full bowl before I'm blown.

    Still, because of prices, I generally stay within the mids range as I can still manage to function after a bowl of mids while still constituting being high.

    General prices vary GREATLY around So Cali and I've noticed they definately vary more than other states based off of general posts on this very forum, lol.

    I have been told by all my friends that I get a good deal on mids (20 bucks for a half oz.), but most hardcore stoners will only get chronic. I can totally understand this as I enjoy dank when it's around, but I'm not addicted to weed and thusly don't really feel the need to pay 50 bucks an eighth when I can pay 20 bucks and still get high for two and a half weeks on a daily basis. If I could get dank for cheaper, I would purchase it though (hence the plans for moving to amsterdam or vancouver all the while trying to grow better shit).

    Anyways, to be honest you don't NEED weed to have ALOT of fun in California, as there's plenty to do. This is more the case in So Cali than in Nor Cali, so it's kind of a trade off in a strange sort of way (imo Nor Cali towns are more or less boring without weed).
  20. Cali's got the dankity dank man. I mean seriously, I could walk outside and find a fuckin crop growing in the forest by my house. Sellers everywhere. I get nice prices and the BEST shit man. I love cali

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