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is it done yet?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PHATTMANN, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. this is my frist grow and i dont know if its done yet

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  2. Nope... your hairs are still all white and straight...they should be amber and receding back into the around a little bit man...there are threads with pics on this stuff
  3. yeah like he said above not until they are amber.

    or better yet, get a scope and check out the trichs to see if they are clear, cloudy, or amber. most people harvest when its 50/50 amber and cloudy

    what strain is that? nice looking plant
  4. I dont know what kind it is this is bag seed from the 90s i found some seed in my desk i think its 18 years old planted 45 seeds and 6 came up 5 were male

  5. 45 seed and one plant..... she must be the chosen one.
  6. all hail the chosen one lol but nice plant can you take more pics of it like the whole plant:smoking:
  7. you should have cloned that female and kept a male, harvested the pollen and pollenated the female clone cos there some old genetics!

    looks rude to!

    nice grow
  8. there she is all 12inches and her clones too

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  9. You still have a few weeks, maybe a month to go. You'll really start packing on the weight soon though.

    I suggest getting a jeweler's scope or a strong magnifyer so you can harvest by looking at your trichromes, or the little chrystals, sugar, frost, w/e you want to call them.

  10. ^^^ thats what i was tryin to explain
  11. it was 12 years ago that i last smoked its getting verry hard to wait hell my kids dont know were to get any
  12. ... legend :hello:

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