is it disrespectful to smoke...

Discussion in 'General' started by Jet livin, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Infront of sober people who dont?
    Im asking this because me and a few friends been going to bonfires or just chilling at these girls' house and my friend always wants to smoke there so we get up and "go for a walk" and come back high as hell. These girls were laughing with us too and they seemed like they were having a good time, but i cannot really tell cause im high... So...

    What do you guys think? Is it disrespectful to smoke at times like this with a bunch of non smokers? Like i didnt know what they must of thought of us at the time.
  2. Who gives a fuck.

    Smoke your weed. Be kind; offer them a hit. If they say "No thank you" (or something of that nature), you carry on smoking.
  3. I don't think that's rude at all. You even 'went for a walk' it's not like you fired up in enclosed areas with nonsmokers right? I think firing up a joint in a closed room or car with nonsmokers would be rude as hell though....I'd guess if the girls were walking with you then they don't mind.
  4. do this all the time, if you go for a walk and come back, chances are they either know whats up and simply dont care. Or theyre oblivious, we do this all the time man
  5. I usually ask if it's cool with them, because there are two types of people who don't smoke. A) They choose not to do it, but they're not against it. B) They hate it and everyone associated.
  6. Seems appropriate. However, there are more than two type of people that don't smoke.

    The third group is those who have had a problem with substance abuse and are in recovery (abstaining from all drugs). Only in front of this group would it be disrespectful - it may trigger their addiction.
  7. Don't matta to me
  8. Theres this one really quite guy in our group, hes a bit of a fag somtimes but he chills with us, all of our group (6guys(inclu. me & him) and 4 girls) smoke, when we all chill out and smoke at mine he makes it realy uncomfortable, like if i burn and pass it he'll hop up and walk out side, or if i wanna hotbox halfway thru he'll get up and open the window. or we'll all be siting on the couch munching down some browines and he'll go 2 the other side of the room, wont talk 2 any and just text. he looks like depressed as but he still comes when he knows where going 2 get high. If were at my dealers house he makes it so uncomfortable, he never talks at all when there any strangers or weed around. Or if im sitting at home he'll turn up while im blazing and be like "oh", ill ask him if he wants 2 play plazey and shit but he'll just be like "na" and thats all he'll say then just text for 2 hours then leave when i go 2 take a piss, its awkward as hell with him and idn what to do bout
  9. nah just dont blow it in their face or hotbox with em
  10. Just don't smoke in their house bruh.

    But invite them females along to get high with you and your boys man! :smoke:
  11. I tend to always ask my straight-edge friend's if they care if I light up next to them, they never seem to care.
  12. I usually don't hang out with people who don't smoke weed, but when I do, it's with people who don't mind.
  13. If they are against it maybe it is rude. But I have been been high as fuck around people who are against it, (parents, certain friends) I have no idea if they knew but to a point I don't really care. I like smoking weed, it makes me happy. And in all honesty it makes me easier to get along with. Ok wow, I am rambling now... So... Sure whatever blaze around whoever. :bongin:
  14. Who gives a flying fuck?
  15. I kinda care if they take offense to it or dont like it.. Otherwise i can enjoy chillin at there house without smoking

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