Is it discrimination to criminalize Marijuana but not Alcohol?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeVullion13254, Aug 13, 2013.

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    I thought our drug laws were supposed to be based on science. I thought the decision to allow or prohibit certain drugs were based on its harms and we have to protect society. Drugs like crack, meth and heroin are highly addicting and deadly, far more dangerous than alcohol. Marijuana by every measure is less harmful than alcohol and all the other illegal drugs. Less addicting, less intoxicating and doesnt kill people like alcohol. 
    But yet when it comes to the drug laws we let adults buy, possess and drink all the alcohol they want. No fines, no jail, no forced treatment for simple possession of alcohol. With marijuana its illegal, theres fines, jail, forced treatment, criminal records and drug testing. With alcohol breathylizers they test for if your drunk. With marijuana testing theyre looking if you got high over a month ago. You could be completely sober, not touched a joint for a month and still cant get a job and be falsely charged with a DUI just for smoking pot a month ago. 
    Now if its true that Marijuana is safer than alcohol, then either marijuana should be fully legalized for adults over 21 in unlimited amounts just like you could buy and possess all the alcohol you want. Let adults enjoy their marijuana just like we let them enjoy alcohol. OR they should criminalize alcohol. Anyone even possessing a drop of alcohol will be fined, jailed and forced into drug courts. Anyone brewing beer will be charged with a felony up to life in prison just like they do for those who grow marijuana. 
    Do you agree or is picking one of those 2 options sound extreme to you? How is it fair to allow adults to drink alcohol but then criminalize them for using a substance less harmful than alcohol? 

  2. Hate to say it but i I had to choose one I would pick alcohol. Both should be legal though
  3. eh. alcohol rules
  4. criminalize alcohol over my dead body
  5. I like em both  :smoking: if I had to choose I would pick smoking but I wouldn't want alcohol to be criminalized 
  6. Just remember people who would make moonshine was once in our position.

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    Oh dude, just by reading that first sentence you wrote I can tell you're wrong. Laws are not about what is better for the people nor about science, it's only about money and which company lobbies more/better. Money (sadly) is what moves the world around.

    take a look around! The world is not fair.
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    Don't you mean "We're in the same position of those who once made moonshine"?
    Since they came first? Sort of...
    Edit: :smoking: Nevermind this post, everyone.
  9. I like Jaegermeister
  10. Its down right offensive !  Outlawing a substance that is obviously less destructive than tobacco and alcohol , yet it remains an outlaw. WTF
  11. Well, even as much as I despise that fucked up drug alcohol, I realize prohibition of alcohol was a complete waste of time, and caused far more problems than it was ever worth. {I do secretly day dream about magically turning it all into piss, and watching you guys choke on it though ;) LOL}
    The prohibition of pot is exactly the same. A complete failure. Our government knows it too. It's just that we have backed ourselves into a really tight corner, with pot being illegal, that's proving to be very hard to wiggle out of.
  12. I concur
  13. Well...until the government can figure how to tax herb and generate billions just like tobacco nd alcohol it will remain illegal. There's no real 'benefit' for them, so making it legal isn't really in their best interest.

    It's all political bro..
  14. Fireball motherfucker. It's like drinking Big Red gum.
  15. Yah its pretty fucked up but no. Neither should be fucking criminalized. I like my bourbon and i like my weed.
  16. Fuck that Alcohol bullshit, to all those who still like it, you will learn, you will learn.
  17. Well there's no threat of alcohol being illegal. Ever. But yeah obviously pot should be legal I think everyone here knows that already.

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