Is it dead?! Stem Snapped!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lurker2012, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So, I need some expert opinion. I was changing out my reservoir the other day and the stem of my second biggest plant bent at least 90 degrees. I taped it up in the hopes that it would recover but now, a couple of days later, it looks terrible! Is it dead? Any chance of it coming back? If it is totally dead, should I cut it, dry it and cure it? I am on day 51 of ~ 80 flowering. Thanks everyone.

  2. Damn at a 90 degree angle Id said call it a day and dry and cure. But you never know plants can recover. Leave it for a day or 2 and if you dont see improvement take her down.
  3. hell no, wrap it up wth some gaffa tape and a stick and it will be fine in a week
  4. Yeah man, plants are sturdy just tape that shit up an leave her be, worst case senario it will take a week or two longer to finish up flowering but yeah just give her some love an she'll be fine :)
  5. Plant will recover. It does look like it has some nute burn/heat damage though.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll leave her alone and see how she does.
  7. That thing is burned to shit.Flush while your at it.
  8. Once (when high) I fell over in the grow room (yep was really high), anyway, I clean snapped in half 3 plants 5 weeks in flower.

    Grabbed the gafa, made a splint out of a wooden stake, supported, tapped, within a week they were happy again!

    Dont underestimate this plant, it is one hell of a survivor.
  9. Haha, as I pictured this scenario in my mind I actually laughed out loud!! Thanks for the feedback.

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