Is it dangerous to mix xanx and exstacy .50mg ?

Discussion in 'General' started by doodie, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if its dangerous to mix exstacy and a small dosage ( .50mg) of xanx. I am not mixing them purposely. Due to some frightening shit in the past with cocaine whenever i take hard drugs i may have a panic attack. I really want to take some X but just incase i freak out would it be bad to take that small dosage of xanx if i already took X.???

    please tell me if this is dangerous or not. thx
  2. Personally i wouldnt xanx is a downer kinda thing puts you too sleep, and X relaeases a lot of seratonin. so its up too you but personally i wouldnt.
  3. screw that man just do the x the xannies will bring it down.

    And I've never heard of anyone having a bad e trip
  4. Technically speaking, the combination of alprazolam and MDMA won't give you any physical problems if you mix them. Most people I know take the xanies after they come down from the E. But I don't know if taking them before/during your roll will lessen your roll or not. I sure hope not though, especially since it's your first time. :D

    Do your research, relax, and prepare to have fun (and find out that was a huge understatement).
  5. Take it after the X starts to wear off so that you will be able to sleep better
  6. That's whats normally done, but he's saying he's gonna take the xanax before, just in case of panic and stuff.
  7. Oh my bad. At least feel the X first and if its becoming too much pop the xanax..?
  8. Don't waste your pills, mayn.

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