Is it beyond the point of no return?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MTheory, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. So I left my plant for two days and when i came back it was fried. I know it's heat stressed, which is what the first picture is but I think it may be afflicted with some other ailment. Does anyone know what the other picture is and how I can bring this plant back to life?

    It's in the 4th week of flowering and it was doing soooo well before I left.


  2. looks like nute lock out. flush with distilled water for a couple days...
    im saying that from pics ive seen and my plants doing that, mine were not that bad but they came around.. good luck
  3. Looks like they got burned from the light like you said and I think you fert burned them too. Flush them out real good and cut off all fan leaves that are 50% affected or more and keep track of the progress.
  4. Yeah what he said..LOL:cool:
  5. Most of the yellow leaves would fall off at the slightest touch, so I pulled off all the ones that came off with a light tug. I cut most of the burnt parts of the top leaves off, trying to save as much green area as possible. I also flushed it with 3 gallons of plain water, the last one with half a cap full of superthrive. The plant is only 4 weeks into flowering so hopefully she will recover.
  6. What type of water are you using? Is the water too hard? Is it around 6 PH? That is where it needs to be optimally. Also, make sure you have proper nutes and that your light is readjusted so there will be no more burn (if that was part of the culprit).

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