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Is It Bad To Smoke Every Day?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weedology, May 7, 2014.

  1. Is it bad that i smoke a little bowl pack each day to relieve stress and anxiety and to help me enjoy life a little more? I suffer from anxiety not that anyone that knows me can tell my body reacts to stress a lot differently (stomach pains). The point is i work and maintain good grades and act pretty much the same. Is this bad or what?

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  2. It will only become a problem if you let it.

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  3. ^^^^^^^^ kinda said it straight up.....
    Do what you like man, you got only one life to live.
    BUT i would invest in a vape if you plan on only smoking a bowl a day... better for you heath wise  :yay:
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    As long as you don't abuse it, and make sure that 'weed' is not your number 1 priority.  I have been toking daily for 5 years at least and it helps me in the day-to-day grind.
    I likely smoke 0.5 grams/day average.
  5. yes OP. I know people who have died from smoking weed everyday
  6. You lie.
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    I would rather rely on weed for my anxiety and depression daily than any of their pills. Risk of lung cancer included. Never smoked some weed and thought "you know what, maybe I should kill my self!"
    Actually it's normally the opposite!
    Furthermore, until they outlaw alcohol and cigarettes I'm not hearing shit.
  8. You don't even have to risk lung cancer, vaping has to be healthier imo, and edibles = no smoke, you may gain some weight eating them daily and that's where capsules come in. :)
    Did I just solve the worlds problems?  Oh no I am just a little medicated.
  9. I think you are better capable of assessing your life than people who don't know you. Like you said, you maintain good grades so you must be decently intelligent. Is this not a question you could have answered yourself?
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    I dont know if anyone died but good story ima tell my kids one day about it. Drugs are bad mmk

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  11. Yeah i understand but its better 50 minds than just one. Go ask a heroin addict if he thinks heroin is a problem theyd probably say no or lets bring it to a lower scale how about that bastard that needs caffeine every day and complains for hours how his head hurts and how his stomach hurts if he doesnt get caffeine. They'll both answer no caffeine or heroin is not a problem in their life. See where im coming from?

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    Just show them refer madness and watch them LMFAO it would be awesome!
    You doomed.
  13. I like the ritual. Looking at the buds...breaking them down and smelling them. Putting them into whatever I'm smoking, and then....
    Vapes never were my thing.
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    :poke: you quoted him :rolleyes:
    and yea OP, smoke weed every motherfucking day. just handle your shit too ;)
  15. Thanks guys. Smoking it is!

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  16. I know don't worry this account means nothing to me, just a way to spread some knowledge to some people.
  17. No not exactly, considering you just compared heroin addicts to marijuana smokers.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. ...This thread is all yours.  :laughing:

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