Is It Bad To Be A Freak

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  1. Is it bad to be a freak , like in a sexual way. Like i watch the craziest porn man like you wouldnt believe,,,, just wonderin , stoned and thinkin fellow tokers

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  2. Well I'm gonna need you to describe this crazy porn in more detail before I answer.
  3. Their could be some psychological problems if you are too freaky.
    Is it normal "I just want to watch something more hardcore" freaky porn or is it "Lord of The Rings characters having sex in the woods" I saw the latter once and that shit freaked me out, the dude had a penis on his forehead.
  4. No it isn't, you shouldn't need reassurance from another person to question your sexual fetishes. I like plenty of kinky shit and I would be happily to admit to a person that ask this. 
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    Me too!!! But it depends on what kinda freaky this guy is talkin about. Lol.

    OP, explain what you're into...
  6. True. But sometimes the visuals that we see from these videos give us ideas in the bedroom, you wouldn't want a person that wasn't creative to begin with. 
  7. Not at all, I'm just saying, who knows what this guy is freaky about. Could be innocent but could be some really messed up things where he may want to talk to a psychologist lol! Trust me, I know. I love me some dirty bedroom fun.
  8. LOL yeah that's true, some people got some bizarre fetishes like in that show "My strange addictions", there was this chick who was eating chalk not the small kind but the big kind of chalk that don't easily break, I wonder how do these people even manage to do it. Oh werd, I love bedroom fun as well though I haven't got laid in a while so I'm quite in a dry spell; if only I had a fuck buddy but in the city I live in, there's nothing but ratchet females and they're louder than amplified car speakers lol.
    Not at all. I think it's healthy to have fantasies.
    I mean, there's a lot of things I think about during masturbation that I would not likely ever do, it's just the taboo nature of the fantasy that gets me off... :confused_2:
    As long as you're not raping women or molesting children, I think it's completely natural and healthy.
  10. Hahahahahaha! Right?! People who drink their pee, now that's some fucked up freaky shit! I am too, but I don't have time or interest in finding anyone id bother to fuck, lol! That's terrible.
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    LOL haha, Well it depends why their drinking it, some drink it for survival and others drink because they want to know what it taste like; I don't know why they want to taste it, it smells like asparagus drowned in a sour swamp. I wonder if people have fetishes for tears, like every-time a person cries, they put the tear in a jar and then secretly fantasize about it, now that's some creepy shit! Why don't you have interest, is it because they can't handle you in the sheets or is that they just don't amuse you?
  12. Nope and don't ever change!
  13. I felt like I was trying to learn how to read again trying to see that font. Lol! I had to give up and read it in the reply quotes. I mean the people who drink it as a sexual fetish, they do that! I mean, I try to be open minded about people's sexual desires because I know not everyone would agree with mine, buutttt, I don't know, some stuff is just crossing the line like drinking piss and eating shit, the fuck? People who fuck animals?! People who are turned on by children and rape, those things are wrong. Other stuff may not turn me on but to each their own!

    Lol, it's a bit of both. I'm also uncomfortable with just sleeping with someone I don't really know. I've been entertaining the thought of 1 person for a while now, but I can't seem to let it happen although he asks me everyday, poor kid won't give up :/
  14. Wait a minute, people eat their own poop? That's some crazy shit, but again I did see 2 girls and one cup and that caused me to not eat chocolate ice cream for a year straight. People who fuck animals have an infatuation with animals but then the sexual fetish is a question mark for me, if I ever saw somebody fucking a horse in public, I'd be like this:
    Yeah child molesting is wrong but some people who are just friendly with children aren't molesters like Michael Jackson for instance, he just wanted to play with children because he never had a childhood and wanted to relive his youth, now I got a question for you--If Michael Jackson invited you to his Never-land ranch, would you accept or deny it? 
    What are you turned off by? What turns you on?
    Giving yourself to a complete stranger seems to be a burden for you? We're all strangers but I get what you're saying though, you just gotta tell the dude that you're just not into him, just hope he doesn't start crying and plays Nsync to cope with the times. 
  15. You guys are flirting :) lmao get it
  16. Disgustingly, yes. I've had someone show me these disgusting things once, it was horrible and scarred my mind forever! Oh the horror! Not even a violent murder scene haunts me this bad, lolol!

    I meant people who enjoy children too much. MJ was just a creep, but I don't think he molested anyone lol. Hahaa, why the hell not go?! I doubt he ever hurt any kids, he was a strange person for sure, but I love strange people!

    No, I'm interested in him, I'm just nervous to have sex with him. I can't bring myself to do it :/ we tried once and I made him stop before my clothes even came off.. Awkwaaaard I don't know why. Ok, I do but I'm not talking about that. Anyway..... Playing nsync, hahaha. I can picture him singing along now!

    What turns me on and what turns me off?! That would be a large variety of things from sexual to non-sexual, the list would go on..?! You could turn me on with some smart talk, a confident attitude and some soft kisses but you can turn me off by being dirty, ignorant and too quick, basically.. :p
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    Of course not as long as the other partner is consentual, like if you start peeing on my chest or whipping me without asking then I'd be pretty pissed off lol  I personally don't understand any of that shit but to each their own.

    Just don't make a porn video and give it a misleading title, I can't erase that image from my brain!
  18. Honestly this might be bad. From what I have read on yourbrain on porn you might be addicted to porn. Lots of guys think this is "normal" but the fact is that our brains cant distinguish between porn and sex and you might be escalating your porn habits because you have become numb to softcore or watching the same girl get railed. This is a problem and alot of people don't know what porn is doing to their brain.
  19. Check out that link it will all make sense.
  20. Haha I'm laughing as we speak! I seen so many bizarre things on the internet that I just became detached to it instead of being scared, have you heard of 4chan? 
    If I sleeping in a bed and then Michael Jackson popped the fuck out of the nowhere, I'd be terrified with that "soft" voice and fake nose he had, just picturing it gives me the creepers *Starts shivering for a moment* 
    Yeah it seems awkward just from seeing it, I had plenty of awkward moments (don't really see it as awkward) when I was the third wheel, I had an awkward moment when my bro and his girlfriend were kissing like a bunch of drunken rabbits (It seriously gave me a boner lol), but most of the time, I prevent those moments from happening because I'm a Boss. Haha I fuckz Nsync and all those boy band dudes, the 90's was the shit! I remember me and my bro Boogz made our own rendition to a Justin Bieber song, it was "One Less Lonely Girl" it was hilarious because I can actually sound like Justin Bieber. 
    TBH I'm about to give you a secret, I haven't kiss a girl in a while. I'm not a bad kisser in any sort of way but I just save it for intimacy unless the person who I'm screwing wants to be kissed down there. Good thing I don't fit any of those turn-offs, guess I'm golden! 

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