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Is it bad to ask random people if they know where to get some pot/if they have pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jvsdiojisio, Dec 18, 2013.

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    Is it a bad idea? How would you ask?
    By is it bad, I mean if you actually find a dealer, would he get mad if you asked randomly? Since it's public and cops could be there..

  2. I got many a good in a pinch hook ups that way just don't be sketchy about it and pull someone aside and don't be afraid to get ripped off that will happen on random hook ups Its kinda like a hooker looks good from a far but when you break it down there is a lot of potential for stuff to go wrongSent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. What do you usually say?
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    Truly random? Like approach every sixth person? I can see there being some issues.
    edit to add- I guess every sixth person isn't random :unsure:
  5. Depends on thw setting. Church, and being pulled over is frowned upon.

    A headshop, and skate park are different.
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    My best random hook was the local dairy queen The tale goes like this finished some bong rips and needed a slushie so naturally the d q across the street I go I notice a pie eyed individual behind the counter and hung out till it cleared out a but and was blunt about it and just asked if he could hook me up We smoked a blunt in his car and 40 dollars later I had a quarter of mid grade mids in my pocket and a phone number for potential repeat shopping Sent from my SCH-I110 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    to answer the quote of the op
    I have that face that ppl just wanna sell drugs o it seems like I can find a hook up in a matter of a couple hours of being in a new city
    so with that being said I am just very blunt and ask if they can either a- smoke me out for a few bucks
                                                                                                                 b- ask if they can hook me up in return a smoke out
    you can never screw the random hook up out of a smoke out is my motto even if you know you got ripped off but im a nice guy for the most part
  7. its not reay bad. i met a good dealer like that at my school. i walked over to the smoker bench and there was this guy who looked like he was 40 or something years old standing around smoking a cig. i lit my ciggarette and sparked a conversation with him. after a pause of silence, i asked him if he knew where i could get some bud. i gave him a ride home and he came out with an eighth he gave me for 20 bucks of some serious dank. he is now one of my constants. the moral of the story is: you wont know until youve tried
  8. No way is it bad! It's like asking random people for sex!!
  9. Nahh Ive gotten bud off randoms a few times,One time i had 40 bucks and every dealer i knew was dry and i was walking downtown and walked into this back alley to smoke my last joint and these two guys were there toking a huge ass 3 footer.i asked if they could hook me up with a half quarter and we toked a few poppers then they sold me it in their shady ass pickup hahaha sick bud though.
  10. No not at all, I've found dealers that way
  11. Go downtown or to a popular park and chill for a while, look around and notice the guys who are just chilling for what seems to be a while. Also look for guys who are leaving and come back regularly. These guys may be a little sketchy so go with a friend or something. Anything could happen, but make sure you size up your mark before going up to him. If you don't think you could defend yourself against them, don't approach them for an illegal herb. some tips for searching out dealers.
  12. I used to work for a lawn company called "weed man"

    I wish I dealt when I worked there, so many people honestly asked me for hookups and cracked jokes about it.
    I doesn't help that my hair is halfway down my back I guess.

    I've only ever scored off a random once though, but I never really asked he rolled down the lane behind my house and I offered him a beer(I was just taking a few bong rips in my car) so he gave me a couple g's to sample and a number. He was like costco with his samples.
  13. I was in line at the market at my college, since I dorm. The guy in front of me was talking to his friend, and every time he picked up something he wanted to buy he called it dank. I asked him if he knew anyone that was selling bud, and he just said "get my number outside." Turns out he sells! Bought an eighth of what he said was Sour D for $30, and yeah it was pretty dank.
    Randomly asking, probably not a good idea. Asking people who talk like stoners, look like stoners, or are just college aged, probably a good idea.
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    I think the most dangerous part of just walking up to someone is if they happen to be a cop that feels like ruining your life over a harmless plant (Which is a surprising amount of cops), though there's a small chance of that happening, you can get fucked pretty badly in the event that it does.
    What I'd suggest is - if you are able to - go to some concerts. Metal/rock bands and of course typical stoner bands like Sublime (Or if you're into rap Kid Cudi) are guaranteed to have some people lighting up joints, ask one of them. I personally recommend a GWAR concert, not only is the actual concert a life-changing experience (Look one up) but both of their concerts I've been to I've seen a ridiculous amount of people blazing, and many of them are generous.
    If you really need a hookup here are some tips on making your search less random:
    A) Look for people that appear to be stoners. Dreads, rasta colors, of course any weed-related apparel, etc can help identify a fellow smoker.
    B) Look around in stoner-esque places. I can almost guarantee if you wait until some guy buys a glass piece from a smoke shop he smokes weed, just go talk to him AFTER HE LEAVES THE SHOP! (Don't confront him inside, bringing up weed in a smoke shop can get you the boot pretty easily. Same with saying the word "bong")
    C) Kind of a sub-tip of B, a great place to look aside from smoke shops is a college campus. If you can get to a college party, or even just on the campus, it'll be much easier to find cannabis-friendly people. There's a reason college students are infamous for smoking weed xD

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