Is it bad to ask random people if they know where to get some pot/if they have pot?

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  1. How would you ask? Is it wrong anyways?

  2. how wud u kno they had bud in the first place? if they were random u wudnt have a clue. but if they do les say ur on the bus some guy pulls a bag out nd smells it. u cud be like u kno were to get some. who tf cares what a stranger thinks of u. worst that cud happen is they say no
  3. its not great, depends on your level of desperation 
  4. If it's at a party it would be better.
  5. Depends where you live and on the circumstaces but theres a lot of sketch people who are down to rob you
  6. Get a shirt that says.. "I'm out of pot, please sell me some."
  7. What kind of question is that?   LOL.........................
    Might as well ask if it's bad to ask a random nun for a blow job.  
  8. Depends on the atmosphere I think. My friend asked an off duty cop on accident (didn't even look like a cop) in front of 7-11 and he showed him his badge. He simply said "Get out of here" and we left. Just be careful.
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    My buddy moved to a new area, just happened to be an apartment right behind the LHS, he says he met several connects just chatting people up in the glass room. 

    Now I wasn't there I dunno how discreet he was (knowing him probably not very) but this could be a possibility. However I wouldn't just be asking people blatantly, that would likely cause issues. Sure most patrons would be pissed, and the shop would be damn pissed if you were upsetting customers. 

    Maybe just casual conversation, and see where it goes. Very least maybe make a friend. 
    Edit- Try hanging out in very crowded areas, and somebody will possibly ask you if you need any. I was asked by about 5 people outside a baseball game once if I was looking for any bud. (Granted I don't deal with people I don't know, but maybe if I was that hard pressed to find it.) 
  10. its just a question. If they say no, then they say no. And if they say yes, then your in. And if they get offended either walk away or tell them its a social experiment

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