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Is it bad that.....?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by secrets, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I don't know the name of the buds I get? :confused:
    I have a couple of diff guys I get 'em from but I just pay em and never bother to ask.
    I'm a girl, btw if that has anything to do with it haha
  2. No... Not at all. Having strain names and shit does make the whole concept of smoking more interesting but the majority of the "strains" your local middleman tell you are complete bullshit and its just some homegrown, you'll know when you smoke a real strain of dank. Up your connects b ! ;)
  3. Ahh that makes sense. As long as it gets me high, it's all good :D thanks!
  4. Nah, who cares? :smoking::bongin:
    Now fly little duckling, go flyy :cool:
  5. I don't either, it's usually " hey igot some of this purple shit" or green shit or crystally shit or some dank shit, they always end it with shit to, I don't know why.

  6. Haha that's weird. I have had no name stuff that was blow away some of the "name stuff" I have had. On the other hand I've seen some pretty insane "name" stuff in my days too. :smoke:
  7. If the price is right why not? :smoke:

    If it gets you high, then why the fuck would you need to lie..(about the name/strain)

    Too stoned. Still. :smoke:
  8. ive had unnamed bud that is 5x better then '"og kush" and the likes...
    its not the name, its a small part genetics, larger part on nutes and most importantly the growers experience/method.
  9. I never ask. I'm pretty sure my dealer usually knows the strains, but he doesn't really care much about names either and rarely says anything if i don't ask. no need to bother with names if you're not a legal patient.
  10. I like to know what I'm smoking, what the strains look like, smell like. It's all about expanding my marijuana knowledge.

    I don't like to feel stupid if someone is asking me about weed, I enjoy teaching and sharing what I know.
  11. No man, unless it's really good bud and you want to know what it is and ask for more of it. Then it sucks not knowing the names of the different strains. :smoke:

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