is it bad that i hate everything right now?

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  1. Hey blades i wanted to pose a question to you guys

    i feel like my life is almost resetting with the closing of this semester of school. For some reason though i can't be happy at all. The majority of my friends don't want to talk to me right now, I don't know any "single girls" to talk to, and the ones that I do know i feel are out of my league.

    I have a lot of work to do for school but absolutely no motivation to do it, i don't even feel like getting high right now.

    It feels like all the good things that i used to turn to that helped me keep going are whats holding me back...

    anyhow thoughts?
  2. do something different. sounds like you just need to switch some things up.
    i would *not* suggest trying ecstasy

  3. ahha yeah i like that not

    right now i can't move from the grind cause school is almost done ya mean?

    other wise....who knows :rolleyes:

  4. i felt the same way not to long ago buddy. what I did is even though you have no motivation for school, focusing on it EXTREMELY more then how you have been makes you feel better. Don't do it where you regularly study though, goto a new library somewhere you've never been. Try out the local universities, and study there. Just study and listen to music until school is over. Maybe work out a business/personal plan on something you want to do over the summer for some extra money. Try to learn a computer language maybe? These are all the things I did. Hope they work for you.
  5. whenever my black ass is feeling down in the dumps i always just carebears!!

  6. It happens,man.Just remember,when life gets to it's absolute worst,it can't get any worse,only better!
  7. You should keep yourself busy. Even spare time should be spent doing stuff you like. So find stuff that interests you and invest some time into becoming a master at it.

  8. trust me dude, I used to be just like you. I know you're a good dude, don't change that and eventually the girl of your dreams will come along. Just quit looking at the shallow ones.

  9. i like ur advice man its not the girls thats bothering me

    its more that i feel like my life has been planned out but not by me... i realized the one thing that i truly love is music and such but i never started on my own it was more pressure from family
  10. Dont feel bad about your misogynistic tendencies. Being a cynical asshole has really helped :)
  11. Sometimes you just gotta take some long deep breaths and think about all the things you've done to get yourself to where you are. Just be sure to keep the momentum going and after looking back, be sure to look forward.

  12. hmmm

    what? lol
  13. ahhhh i love this man

  14. wayy to funny
  15. Meh, I have felt the same way.. Just buy yourself a bottle of cheap vodka and start watching porn and take a shot every time they kiss.. Always cheers me up somehow.
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    Mayde me lawl
  17. Fuck I feel EXACTLY the same as you! You're the guy version of me.
    I'm failing almost all of my classes but i dont give a fuck anymore. and Im never really happy ever. I don't like most of my friends and I feel like there's no single chill guys ahaha . But anyways I found that working out and trying new things helped somewhat :) good luck though, it sucks dick.

  18. This is the strangest thing thing I have read on a board in a very long time. But I'm glad it makes you happy and I may someday have to try that... Cheers!
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    Meh, you end up falling asleep in your underwear drunk off your ass every time.. Can't really be sad when you are sleeping on a keyboard with moans in the back ground^.^

  20. truth

    good luck to u as well hopefully everything has turned around

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