Is it bad I find Nazis interesting?

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  1. Like I am fascinated by anything WW1-WW2 German. Not the ideologies, I don't agree at all with any political beliefs they had. But it's do interesting how such a culture could take such a nose dive and come back so quickly. My late grandpa brought back German stuff from the wAr so I guess that might have started it idk
  2. as young as you don't share their beliefs you're good.
    I personaly want an imperial flag from Hitler's home. Not that I support anything he ever did or stood for, but because that was such an evil force on earth and it was a recent time in history
  3. i dont see anything wrong with it..
    unless you want to be one
  4. No.  I find WWII very interesting, and I believe that time period produces the best movie, novels, etc,.
    It's thought-provoking wondering what if America never intervened in the European Theater.  The Nazis probably would of conquered all of Europe and then plotted an American home invasion.   
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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with your interest in Germany and it's role the world wars.   As Santayana said, "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."    
    It isn't wrong, I find them interesting too as should anyone that looks at history objectively.
  7. Don't do too much research, or you'll find out that a lot of what you learned/think is just propaganda.
  8. nah, history in general is pretty fucking interesting
  9. Nothing wrong with having a passion for history

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    They're very interesting, if you're open to the complexity of the subject, beyond simply saying how evil they were and being done with it. Not that, ignoring philosophic ultimates I hold on the illusory nature of 'good' and 'evil,' among other dualities, mass murder isn't obviously wrong, but there are enough angles in it to make it extremely fascinating.
  11. No.. why would you be a bad person for finding some subjects intresting. Im jewish and had ancestors in the Holocaust and from very young age find nazis interesting even till this day.
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    the whole fucking history of the world over last 200 years is fucking fascinating. The US has north and south split and involved in full out war in 1860's!! Germany starts going nuts in the 1900's for until and then 2 complete all out world wars in 20's & 40's with a fuckin atomic bomb dropped on 2 cities in japan literally melting thousands since then shitload of countries are at constant conflict and the US hasnt had more than 10 yrs of peace in the last 70 years and theres no sign of stopping 
  13. yes, you will soon turn into one.
  14. on a more serious note some of the nazi  scienctist studies, even as inhumane as they were, were very helpful to science.
  15. If you're only interested and do not support the ideas then no. nothing wrong
  16. Nothing wrong with it.
    I find it interesting too.
    Well, I don't actually...
    I find the history channel movie-like documentaries abut WWII interesting.
  17. Why would it be bad?
    Nazi Germany had nothing to do with white power skin heads.
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    The thing I find frightening are people who have no interest in history, and there seem to be many because the phrase "never again" didn't mean jack shit:
  19. im glad youre back, i remember when you took that long hiatus
  20. This thread has got me thinking. I want to ask you guys a question. If you were a german scientist back then, would you conduct or join in on the experiments that the germans did? Now before all you of you guys say no of course not, I want you to really think about it. When would you as a chance ever get to experiment with people like that in your life again? It was a place where you would get away from literally doing anything you wanted to the jewish people and nothing would happen to you ever. Now also remember your a scientist, so would you let your curiosity take over your sorrow? As for me, I probably would have because like someone above said, they found really helpful information that helped us and who knows what you could find. 

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