Is it bad for your car to idle for extended periods of time?

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  1. So I'm about to go blaze but I wanted to know one thing before I go, is it bad for your car to idle for extended periods of time? The reason I ask is because I have to find parking lots/parks to chill in and smoke. And since it's 0 degree's out right now (-15 with the wind) it's hard to sit in my car with it off and not get cold. After about 5 minutes with my car off I can see my breath again:devious:

    My blaze sessions usually last around 30-45 mins, which is how long I would be idling. If I shut off the car but keep the electricity going, will that use up the battery fast? I listen to my ipod/radio and keep the lights in my car dimmed. This one time me and my friend were just using the electricity and then my battery died and we had to walk about 5 miles to get back to my house. I just don't want this to happen again!

    I didn't really know where else to put this lol.
  2. depends on ur car.
  3. no it wont hurt for it to idle
  4. Only wastes gas
  5. 2004 oldsmobile intrigue.

    Haha yeah I know this, which I'm not too concerned about. Just filled up :O
  6. Why don't you just turn it off and wear a jacket?
  7. I'm wearing 2 pairs of pants and a winter jacket, and I still get cold just as easily. Idk how but it seems the cold just seeps through Everything.
  8. Yes it is bad for you car.
  9. used to do this all the time. just dont go revving the engine to keep it hot in park. cuz my car heats up as quick as the engine and when its idling itll spew cool air. :(
  10. yes. idling a car is always worse and more stressful on the engine than driving a car

    also having the electricty on without the engine running puts extra stress on the battery and electrical system
  11. No, it's not bad for your car unless your fans don't work.
  12. Haha I dont know how many times I have drained out my battery while i was smoking in my car, far too many:smoke:
  13. I would suggest driving around for 10-15 minutes with the heat blasting, and then park. should stay warm long enough. I dont see why it takes you 30-45 minutes to get blazed haha
  14. if your car is mechanically sound it is fine.
  15. All a car is when it's idling is a giant generator. :D
  16. How does idling a car damage it to the people who said it did?
  17. I would just let it idle for 15 minutes for the car to warm up, turn it off. And once it gets cold again, turn it back on. The radio has to be on for a looooong time for the battery to die, I'm pretty sure.
  18. If your battery is good to start with and ALL you got is your radio going (not blasting) it should be ok. I've gone to countless drive in's with the sound going decently loud and engine off with no prob. When you drive your car I thought it worked to charge the battery?

    A manual car would have less stress (with engine on) left in neutral, not park...but who really cares? Unless the car is already on the way out, or you cannot afford another car in the next 20 years, just run it. It's really unimportant.

    My biggest concern would be drawing attention from an idle car.

    On a side note, I'm no expert, I draw from experience.
  19. technically it is bad because your car does not like operating at such low rpm... by doing so puts more stress on your engine and produces more build up because of the low rpm.

    and last but most important your wasting gas.. depleting the ozone layer shame on you

    blast the heater and drive to your spot.. turn off... 20 min later reheat for 5 mins then turnoff.. no need for it the whole time..

    turning on your car uses as much gas as idling for 6 seconds.. if your going to be there for more than that length of time.. best to turn off your car

  20. It does.

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