Is it bad drinking by yourself?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flybo2t, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. My friends are saying i'm alchoolic because sometimes I decide to play videogames or some shit while beeing drunk by myselft. I don't get shit faced, just a couple beers while playing video games or watching a movie. Is it bad or something? Personnaly I thinks its fine, its not a problem for me like i dont hurt anybody or something, juste a couple beer to make my night less boring. Its not like it's everday, just sometimes when I feel like it. I'm 22 years old and my friends are judging me for doing this, but for real, I feel it's the exact same thing as smoking anytime in the week by yourself. I quit smoking weed like couples mouth ago. It uses to be everyday but now only when I feel like it, but I feel like its the exact same thing as smoking alone. My friends do smoke sometimes alone and they don't think this is a problem, but drinking alone it's seem to be for them... they see it as a problem.. what you guys think? (sorry if my english bad, not my native language )
  2. is it bad to be 95% of GC members?

    Depends on your perspective.
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  3. If you think you may be an alcoholic then stop drinking, if you can then you're not an alcoholic. It's interesting you say you have "a couple of beers." In my experience a couple usually doesn't mean a couple but it's what people say when they don't want others to know how much they drink.
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  4. nope lol nothing wrong with it.
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  5. Fuck 'em.:coolalt:
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  6. Tell em their complaining is making you drink more, so really, those beers are their fault...

    Drink up dude!
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  7. cheers!
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  8. I'd much rather toke by myself !
  9. I toke and drink alone daily. Call me what you want, labels mean nothing to me. This is a good opportunity to revive my thread.

    How drunk are you?
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  10. I never will understand drinking alone, I barely even drink with just guy friends unless I'm at a bar and trying to pick up. Shit is super unhealthy and hangovers suck. Weed for casual, alcohol and 'other stuff' for partying is pretty much how I roll.
  11. Going with a FUCK NO on this one.

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  12. Damn beat me to it lol
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  13. I just had a flashback by reading the title only. I was at the high school lunch table bragging about how I drink alone (before everyone else got into it and I was "cool"), and my friends were telling me I was going to become alcoholic if I drank alone.

    Fucking prophetic. For me it's extremely rare to drink with other people, and I definitely have a drinking problem, no way of denying it.

    As for comparing it to smoking, the question isn't whether it's acceptable. It's how much you can function while using one/the other/both.

    Personally I usually smoke all day every 1-3 hours, from minutes after I wake up until minutes before bed. But I wouldn't advocate someone having a light beer every 1-3 hours throughout the day because the effects of the substances are so different.
  14. You will be fine. Life is about mistakes and learning from them. You have alot to learn and alot of years ahead of you!!! :D... ah SO, CHEERS!!!!

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