Is It All A Conspiricy?

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  1. for some reason in the us conspiricy theories are becoming incredibly popular. I usually dont believe any until i smoke then i usually keep a more open mind and cant exactly prove but find them to be "possible".
    Heres some popular ones
    the moon landing was faked
    sandy hook was a lie to promote gun control
    the illuminati
    and heres one that not really popular i kind of like to think i came up with it myself but imagine if someone was observing your every move. People that are either aliens/scientists just watching you kind of like your life is a tv show except theyre not doing it for entertainment. They are doing it for reaserch. I know its a tad weird but i had a really intense thought about it when i was blazed.
    What are your thoughts on conspiricies?
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    I think they're petty distractions to keep people shackled.
    Any good leader knows that there are going to be some people who don't buy into the party line. So you give alternatives. The more subtle alternatives you can give, the more people you can keep within the system, even if those alternatives seem at odds on-the-face. We've got the "official stories" and conspiracy theories. 2 sides of the exact same coin: distraction.
    Stop wasting your time believing and chasing petty nonsense, and start LIVING.
  3. Theres alot of 9/11 theorys flosting sbout the internet that are increadbly beliebably. Fairly obvious thing to point point but notcied it when i was stoned and thought it was crazy at the time that the date 9/11 is the numbers of the emergency services 911 ;o
  4. I would wrap my head in foil if I were you. The ones running the whole show are after you. Good luck
    the 12 monkeys exist...
  5. good one
    Americans have too much free time on their hands, thus all the conspiracy crap.
    Life is too easy here: food is plentiful and cheap, as is potable water, shelter, and all the other necessities of life. Why work when you can get unemployment, welfare, etc.?
    If people were really hungry ("hunger" does not mean: Where the fuck is the pizza guy? I'm hungry. :mad:) ; if they had to walk a mile to get drinking water that they had to carry back home in a bucket; if they lived in huts with no electricity, no running water, and no heat; etc. they would have to devote their waking hours to surviving and they wouldn't be wasting time dreaming up conspiracies.
  7. the moon landing was faked
    sandy hook was a lie to promote control
    (By the way, there was and won't be any "legitimate" gun control policies passed.
    the illuminati
    LOL, no.
    There I just saved you an extra 237 hours of your life. Have a nice day.
  8. Heres the two most plausible (those other ones are ridiculous)

    JFK assassination

    Pearl Harbor

  9. I'm glad I don't have to walk a mile for fresh water, we'd all be getting raped by the rebel armies in Sierra Leone.
    The only difference is we're getting raped by the US government and all the corporations that control it.

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