Is it a sin to smoke cross-joints??

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Herbl3XPERIENCE, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I was pondering this the other night when i rolled one up and smoked it with a friend, i dont know but something about burning it clicked and made me feel bad... = /
  2. do you feel bad then you erase a t on a piece of paper?

    no? smoking it should be fine then
  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure getting intoxicated off drugs is a sin.
  4. As long as you don't smoke it upside down.

  5. Wow thats funny haha. +1

    I thought this was a is smoking a sin thread. And it honestly isn't god put it here so we could enjoy. Its not forbidden
  6. what isn't a sin now of days? first harry potter,then poke'mon,now cross joints :laughing:
  7. Maybe, if you believe in god. Think of it as a lower case t joint or a plus sign joint :cool:
  8. You know the cross is a sign of death made holy right? Probably not because you made this thread. Smoke on brother
  9. Is it a sin to smoke and cross-dress?

  10. lol probably
  11. You're gonna burn in hell for it. :devious:
  12. A cross joint too. For eternity
  13. Its not a sin cause jesus is fake!

  14. You and the OP can meet in hell and be friends... coz that's where you're both going...
  15. Dude a cross is a cross, It's been used before jesus was even alive,

    no it's not a sin at all - Not even remotely

    A cross also has many symbols too. It can simply be a FUCKING CROSS! without any relation to jesus

    Ever thought about that?

  16. Well it's a darn good thing he smoked marijuana then!
  17. Yep, and I think the proper punishment for such a reprehensible act would be.........

    Lemme think here......................

    How about an eternity of burning and suffering:D

    P.S. Remember to be nice to your parents too, or Santa Claus won't come this year;)

  18. that makes jesus a full time sinner,that foo's get so drunk he blood is made of Wine :D
  19. Well, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, yes. Actually, it is considered indulgence in 2 of the 7 deadly sins - sloth and greed. Some may even be surprised to find it is in violation of the fifth commandment, Thou Shall Not Kill!

    Firstly, it is considered sloth to not try and reach your full potential, and smoking marijuana will definitely slow you down, and could possibly (eventually) start to drag you further from your full potential. Being high is not a productive activity, and whatever productive activities you perform whilst high would have been more productive if you weren't high, so don't kid yourselves kiddies. Also, many users experience drug enduced psychosis which can last from weeks to months to permanency - I have several friends who experienced this and although most of them are better now, they will all be shook for life and incapable of reaching the potential they might have, had they not fucked with what "God" gave them.

    Secondly, it is considered selfish and greedy to smoke marijuana knowing the health risks! You are not the only person on this planet and everything you do effects other people - so, when you get admitted to the psychiatric ward be aware that you are creating alot of unnecessary for nurses who could be checking their facebook notifications you greedy pig! LOL, jk, but you are causing alot of unnecessary stress and pain for the people who love you and care about you, they could even think it's worse than death because your body's still moving but your brain's not there. Not to mention that even if you don't ever plan on going to the loony bin, just by knowing you smoke weed, the people who care about you will worry (probably not ya mates just ya mum n dad, I guarantee it, even if they say they don't care, they do, trust me, because that's what genetics and hormones do to people).

    Last, but not least, when you smoke weed PEOPLE DIE FOR YOUR OWN SELFISH BENEFIT! Not really, but you are smashing the fifth commandment out on a technicality. Simply by inhaling the smoke, you are willingly destroying life. Now it may be on a cellular level, but you are damaging your body and slowly killing yourself, not what "God" wanted at all. Anything else I have to say in this paragraph is basically common sense, well some people might not know but they're not the sort of people who read this far into a paragraph. *insert shit about cancer and emphysema and shit here*

    But the real sin isn't smoking marijuana, it's knowing about the negative effects, and still doing it. People are quick to diss catholics and most christian religions' idea of sin because they don't understand it. However, the truth is they studied verrrrrry deep into how each and every thing that we say, do or feel effects our surroundings before they decided what they would consider wrong by their fellow man, and then they burned a bush and stood behind it, told this goober cunt moses they were god and gave him ten commandments off the top of their heads just to dip him and take the fun out of his life coz he was scared of god. So finally: Yes, smoking a cross joint is a sin, and if you can't handle being a sinner, then smoking crossjoints obviously isn't for you my friend.

    Please ignore the italic section in the final paragraph, it never really happened.
  20. Pshh no, who cares?

    There's nothing evil about smoking a cross joint. I'm sure Christians would say it's bad, but again, who cares, since when do we listen to what they think anyway?

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