Is it a male or to early to tell

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  1. I have more branches coming out of where the original branches were and it's kinda rounded this the ball that everyone talks about if it's male or female please let me know and I'm still on in veg so please help

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  2. Looks male to me.
  3. It's only a month and a couple days old been in 20-4 light schedule all the time r you sure it's a male
  4. No not entirely. Pics a little blurry. Looks like there might be something going on there.

    Need a more experienced grower in here to take a a look and throw up an opinion.
  5. I don't see anything.
  6. The branch going out at a 45 degree angle at the base of the stem is rounded where it meets the stem
  7. [​IMG]

    Does the circled part look like the image i addeD?
  8. No sir it looks like little fan leaves coming out of there

  9. Then it is too early to tell because I see no preflowers.

  10. Ok well I will keep ya posted on this thanks for the incite

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