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Is it a male or female plant

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xspryox, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. I know it’s suppose to be one plant per pot
    but could someone tell me which ones are male so i can get rid of them
    Thank you

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  2. Hey xspryox, I am assuming people may have not answered as it is kind of early to tell. You actually need to transplant this ASAP. The plants have out grown their cups and will not grow any further if at all because they could be root bound. I'd be more than happy to help but first things first; TRANSPLANT!
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  3. Those are definitely males. Did you expect to get anything out of those?
  6. It isn't showing any indication of sex in that last pic. Those plants desperately need more light.
  7. Those plants need to be tossed
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  8. Looks like they're all male.
    Every cup has male flowers in it.
    Toss them all.
  9. All boys sadly, invest in feminized seeds or reputable clones.
    You should Google sexing the plants, usually once the third node has leafed out you can look at the joint, if to early another node set should show the sex.

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  10. Plants are deprived light.. what king of light are you using & how far is it set.. too much stretching going on

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