Is it A lady or what?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DRGREENTHUMBZ, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. High Peoples!! Newbie here, Just wanted to say Great forum!! I have learned so much from it for my first Grow from alot of different memberz. I would Appreciate it muchly, if someone would/could Educate me in properly sexing my l'il friends, and how soon I can sex it. I am growing in Dirt and using a 150 HPS for two sprouts. one is a clone that I am sure is a Lady, but my other one was sprouted from a Killer bag of weed that I scored a few weeks ago. the sprout has just got its third set of leaves. Thanx in advance!!
  2. more specifically the male will have clusters of balls and no hairs coming out. looks really disgusting :) ive got a picture of one somewhere on my thread, its not that clear though sorry. was very pissed when i found out what it was. the clone you got, did you forget to ask what sex it is? lol!!! welcome though and gl :)
  3. hope these help

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  4. 2 of three

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  5. last one!

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  6. To me the males sort of resemble grapes. The sacs get clustered with little pods. While the females just get fuzzy :)
  7. Are you going to use scrog?
  8. Wow Great info!! i feel educated lol. thanx alot memberz, cheerz this BUD'Z fer you!!!!

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