Is it a Hermei ?

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  1. Its my first time , please accept my apologies if this question looks stupid , although there have been thousands of posts with description but I just want to be sure.... 
    Attached are pics of my girl , three weeks into flowering now , I am using CFL 2700K lamps for flowering have a total of 8 X 1512 Watt .
    Kindly help me in identifying the correct gender , attached are pics from my plant , I am seeing green shoots which are too thin to be male sacs but there are no white pistils coming out of them , at the same time the top has nice budding female flowers(pistils) as can be seen , please help identify.


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  2. No signs of hermie yet, i've got a sticky in this section called how to tell whether your plants male female/hermie might help you out a bit :smoking:
  3. Looks good to me
  4. Thanks a million , saved me a lot of heart ache ( would not have liked to butcher one of those beauties)
    I started with five and could get only 3 into flowering the two others were with stunted growth , any ideas why ? conditions were the same for all and all 5 sprouted almost at the same time.
    Will post some pics with the stunted growth tomorrow.
  5. Looks fine. Don't worry about what you think are stupid questions, they're not, we've all asked them.

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  6. Here is one of the stunted growths !! Should I finish it or is there still some hope ?? It's been in veggie state for almost 90 days now ....

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