Is it a crime to not like Pink Floyd?

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  1. I had really ever heard a handful of their songs until late high school, and then I heard Ummagumma and thought it was a bit crap, and kind of wrote off pink Floyd entirely for a while. Now, years later, I have started listening to the rest of their stuff, and I am sorry I have missed out on it for so long.
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  3. haha why would you start with Ummagumma, that is easily one of their worst albums. Their progressive stuff from the 70s is where it's at.
  4. I just kind of picked one at random...I really should have asked someone which one to listen to first :S
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    Pink Floyd is damn good the first time around, i suggest A Momentary Lapse of Reason or The Division Bell. The Wall is always amazing though.
  6. Honest, I don't really like Pink Floyd.
  7. Dark side of the moon was the first album i put on my playlist for "special trips" to wonderland
    also this is my 1337th post making this my leetest post ever :D
  8. It is if you post about it.

  9. /thread
  10. Pink who?
  11. Can you even be considered a human being if you don't find the beauty in Pink Floyd's music?:confused:
  12. Echoes. MMMmmmmmhhhmmmmm.

    Umagumma was a collection of all the sound effects that they used in their early music. As MUSIC, it sucks balls. As a glimpse into the mindset of the band while they were creating The Wall, Darkside, Lapse of Reason, etc. is priceless, imho. Makes me wonder what kinds of substances were in the studio though.
  13. Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Epic.
  14. The end all be all in MY musical world.

  15. with you on that man! but everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  16. Meditation music right here folks!

    [ame=]YouTube - PINK FLOYD - ECHOES - full[/ame]
  17. Met one person what did not like Pink Floyd she lost all her friends and now sits in the corner. (True Story)
  18. I can't help but think that the OP wanted to stir up the bee's nest by posting this.. lol
  19. Try this, and see if you still don't like them. I recommend getting really stoned first :smoke:

  20. Taste is subjective to the individual. It's not a crime to dislike ANY type of music, literature, filmed media, etc.

    I personally hate a LOT of stuff that other people find incredibly enjoyable, for example:

    Random Things I can't stand:

    Elton John's music
    Forest Gump (and almost everything Tom Hanks has starrred in since Philadelphia)
    Lynyrd Skynryd
    The Eagles
    The Office
    The Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    Duke University
    University of $poiled Children
    4 chan

    BUT you really should give their other albums a try. I mean starting with Ummagumma? No...start with "WIsh you were Here" or "Dark Side of the Moon". Give them a chance with their most popular work.

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