is it a crime to buy 2 grams?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sleepyhouse, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. lately ive been tight on money. i dont have a job, i save my lunch money. so anyways, today i wanted to get 2 grams.. i call this guy and im like "hey, could i get two" hes like "two what" im like "grams" hes like.. "i dont have two grams"
    does the douche expect me to buy ounces? what am i to do lol

    anyways, i called some other guy and got some but thats just frustrating especially because i offered to go pick up from him

    oh well, this summer when i get a job ill be buyin them ounces :smoke:
  2. maybe he didnt have 2 grams??????:confused:
  3. Naw no way man most dealers sell by the gram
  4. dude that dealer is messed up, he couldnt get to grams seperated so he could make some cash... lazy and stupid
  5. well he knew that i was calling for weed because when i called he said who is this.. and i told him. two grams isnt a lot of bud, so i dont see why he wouldnt have any. i hope he was dry because if he wasnt and expected me to buy in ounces, that actually bothers me:devious:

    thanks though, i felt so stupid asking for 2 grams after cause i didnt feel like it was enough. but when can you do when youre broke
  6. Just call it a 20, or however much it costs you in your area hah
  7. i don't get why he won't just weigh that shit out and then calculate the price based off the ratio per 1/8th, or whatevers it may be

    lazy ass

  8. This.

    Don't feel bad about it...that's just weird of him. His loss.

  9. well here usually when you call a dealer you can just say what you want.. and they assume its grams. but yeah, i guess i could try that, thanks !

  10. i've never met a deal who tripped over a small amount

    point is, if you're a good customer and usually buy good amounts, I don't see why picking up a small amount from time to time is a big deal, especially if the situation isn't necessarily pressing/hassling

    then again, 2 grams ain't even that bad, i know many who sell half-eighths (around there) all the time, and even that is usually less than 2 grams

  11. yeah, when i would pick up from him before it would be like 4 grams, sometimes 6 every week. that may not be a lot, but i do have other people to call, so

  12. i just hope you get your bud, cause I sure hate being dry ;p
  13. Some people only sell weight You have to remember that
    He was most likely out
  14. i got dealers that sell only "weight" (quaters and up). whenever i dont need alot i have other dealers that sell 10ers but not weight
  15. i would say its a crime to call yourself a dealer and not have 2 grams to sell... :ey:
  16. Yes it is.

  17. No, no it is not. Illegalizing a beautiful plant that harms no one is a crime. ;)
  18. Your connect properbly has a lot of other customers picking up eights/quarters or more all day so selling you 2 grams is just a hastle for him. The good thing about it is, that you might be able to pickup weight for cheap from him.
  19. I picked up 2grams at a time, so I don't see what the problem is. My advice? Find a better connect; somebody you can be tight with. Tripping over 2grams? Pfft, what a waste of time. Its his lose.
  20. Tell your mom you need more lunch money, and ask her to explain to you how to catch a buzz w/ what she giving you. Also don't be bothering someone for 2 piss poor grams. The last thing he needs is some highschool kid w/ lunch money showing up for a couple of joints before school. The traffic is not worth his cost. Just bum some from a friend.

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