Is it a Boron deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Allan421, Feb 28, 2016.

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    So I have a problem I can't figure out. Soil (Happy Frog), reuse it since forever, never had an issue in the past, flush and respike between crops, realized recently the new (4 crops new) nute spike has no Boron, pH in and out is 6.2-6.7. Growth is slow and stunted, new shoots turn grey/brown as they emerge then die, new shoots emerge below only to do the same thing.

    Soil, pH 6.5, temps are 70-78F, RH 45-60.

    I had to hide them in a travel trailer for two months. It got very cold outside (-20 F) and the ventless heater was pouring CO2 into the space with the lights out. Floor got cold, dirt went to 50 F for a bit and was over watered, mold grew in the air uncirculated spots( could smell it in the air, lost many plants.

    Now one month into new stable environment. Now using properly (I think) prepared soil. Still having issue. Looks like a Boron deficiency to me. New shoots get started then brown out and die. New shoots emerge below and do the same.

    Places I have trimmed dead or dying growth seem to be getting a brown fuzzy mold growing on the snipped stem.

    I have been foliar feeding boron through sterile eyewash (15% boric acid) and adding boron to water. Seeing some improvement but it's still hitting them. Old dirt, new dirt, dry, wet, all still affected.

    Could it be a virus? Fungal infection?

    Any ideas? Need help!


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