is it a bad idea....

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  1. hey folks, is it cool to move plants around once they start budding? I think im losing it!! For starters im busted when the wife gets home...i got home early and said fuck it...and yarded out five large tomato plants..gotta huge bowl of green tomatoes for her. I did it for more space the arranged the garden hopefully for the last time. Im constantly worried im gonna dick these thing up. After I was done I was also worried that i could have broken loose millions of mold spores. Ok im losing it..
  2. Mold spores? wend would do that better than you moving the plants.

    When you say move it's move the pots right?

    How many more hours sun will they get in the new spot? Will that justify pissing off the wife? I would be more worried about the wife digging your plants for she is so pist.
  3. It just got a little dusty when i was yanking the biggy shes gonna make salsa. They still get the same sun i was just moving them around because im so to the right in the pic were longer! A little more room helped me out alot. I think i have just read way to much from way to many people that all have different styles and opinions on growing..

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  4. If I had that house it will be MJ only. hehehe
  5. No doubt.. if I build another one I will do the walls and ends in opaque instead of clear. Its 14x 20 and to small for six plants. Maybe abit bigger on the next one to.
  6. I know what you meen. I had 60x10 carports last year and 12 plants filled it.
  7. If I ever marry again man the girl will have to be just as in to growing and smoking as I am sick of being in relationships where I get judged negatively for my passion when its such a positive thing I don't get it.
  8. Haha she's pretty good about it she does get a bit jealous though. 5150 you are a fucking amazing grower...I was raised in a smoke filled room and used to trim buds for my pops as a kid..I was around growing all my life and have never seen anything that looked like your yard did a few years ago..kudos!! This is my first go at it and I'm learning a bunch and making plans for next year.

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