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  1. Is it a bad idea to use slang words in cell phone texts, such as, "green crack" "get high" "im so high" "dank" "sour d"

    I am so high.
  2. I always say that the less people that know you smoke the better. Over the phone your probably fine, those words arent on the watch list.

    No need to send it over texts. I bet they save every text. They cant save all the phone convos, too much space.

    I am also very high.
  3. Wow those are some ghetto slang words bro. You must live in the hood.
  4. No it's fine.
  5. Big brother is always watching and listening man. But they have bigger things to worry about then you being high.
  6. dude your screwed. you get 6 months in jail for every weed reference you send in text.
    good luck
  7. Seriously? Even if the government is watching you, they aren't going to waste their own time on you. They have bigger fish to fry, brah.
  8. It's are like a fish in the ocean to people who are seeing what you text..think about the millions of people everyday sending texts about drugs.
  9. Just imagine how many texts are sent in a minute I highly doubt anyones reading txt conversations but I guess you never know...but I wouldnt think about it ahaha
  10. Everybody has that one drug dealer who is like "don't fucking text me that shit. You call me. If you text me that shit I'm not gonna sell to you!"

    I've always seen that as overly paranoid. Do you know how many people text for drugs in this country everyday?
  11. No, how many??? What's the exact statistic?
  12. eleventy gazillion

  13. It's also if you get caught selling, they can get a warrant to look through your phone I believe or get the texts......

    But if they just look through your phone...y'know they could always delete the messages as soon as the conversation is done :rolleyes:

  14. yeah but Big Brother can suck a Nut ! :)

  15. [quote name='"cookiecrisp"']Everybody has that one drug dealer who is like "don't fucking text me that shit. You call me. If you text me that shit I'm not gonna sell to you!"[/quote]

    Lol that's sounds exactly like one of my older dealers. The guy is in his 60's so he gets very paranoid, thinks his phone could be tapped and all that nonsense which he only picks up about 2 ounces every other month, he's a guppy compared to the big fish out here he just doesn't get it.
  16. Im an adherent to this view.....but here is what i also think: If they want ANYONE in this day and age...theyve got em. Whether its for texts about drugs, browsing child porn, downloading torrent movies.....big brother is watching YOU :eek::eek:

    Edit: Wow, i don't know how browsing child porn snuck in there :shocked:
  17. Yes. using any form of those words is punishable by up to 10 dicks in the butt.
  18. if you have to ask..

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