Is it a bad idea to dig up a germinated seed from the soil to check on it?

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  1. Every day I would lightly dig into the soil to check up on the seed. Yesterday it has a tap root cracking out of the shell, today when I checked up in the soil it had the white tap root out then I put the soil back in. Now I have my LED lights running for when it sprouts. I didn't damage my seed right? Like I don't need to toss it out and use another seed right? What harm can a quick check on the seed in the soil to see it progress do to it? It won't turn it into a hermy right?

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  2. You can do that, I do it sometimes, did it today, and found they died. This is why sometimes its better to use the napkin germination prior to planting.
    But you do risk contaminating the seedling with a pathogen (ie. bacteria or mold) each time you do that.
  3. In a word, Yes.

    The longer the root the more likely the damage.

    Plants know how to grow without us "helping".
  4. Your damaging the ultra fine near invisible roots every time you fuck with it.
    Use more LITFA
    Leave it the fuck alone !!!

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    I soak seed in warm water in shot glass till it cracks, place in wet paper towel n zip lock bag till ya get a tail, then add to dirt takes 3-4 days. How long has it been in the dirt? What soil is it in? Did u add perlite? How much water have you given it? Is it under 24 hrs of light? How close are your lights? What’s the temp? Did u cover pot with a ziplock bag or dome to raise humidity?
  6. Consider it stolen........ill most certainly will be using this in the future!:smoking-rapper:
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