Is isopropyl alcohol dangerous?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mescaline, May 14, 2003.

  1. just finished making some hash with isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohal) and i dried out the weed under a light. would it be dangerous to smoke that weed know after it has been sitting in the alcohal
  2. Yes its dangerous. I dont care what anybody says. I got sick from it and thought I was dying and called poison control. I made sure I burned it all of but it does not completely evaporate from inside the hash or hash oil. Ive made it plenty of times but this time it affected because I made more of it and it takes a considerable amount to notice you are sick. The poison control people said I shouldnt have to worry but to go to the hospital if i get really bad again. I was trying to vomit for like 20 minutes the next day when i woke up. It didnt bother me until the next day and I woke up at 9:30 this morning and its now 11pm at night and my stomach is still making noises (I assume its my organs trying to push out the fumes from the alcohol that probably turned into liquid once I inhaled it and my body tried to process it). Ive read so many places that its safe, but I dont believe it because of how sick I have been today. stay away from it. its not worth dying just to get high. You might as well smoke crack if you are going to take that kind of risk. Im never trying it again
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  3. If you are in America, the only added element to the isopropyl is water.

    The grinded up weed you have left should be stripped of it's THC if you've made iso hash out of it. I know I sure as hell wouldn't burn it....the used plant matter that is.

    The hash itself is fine, just let it evap correctly and you're fine.

    Peace - OGH
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  4. I wouldn't worry I've smoked both [plenty] never had any problems. But OGH is right no thc left in the post iso weed.
  5. I never heard a story about someone that fucked up from the isopropyl alchohol. If you are scared of this, just use the cold water method.

  6. damn bad exp huh? wouldn't the alcohol burn off when you smoked it? wouldn't the alcohol have already evaporated even before you smoked it?
  7. Yea I don't think the alcohol would be in there even if you didn't evaporate correctly, because the heat from the lighter alone would be enough to kill the alcohol.

    Never smoked iso hash but I wouldn't hesitate to.

    The poster that had the issues with his/her stomach and calling poison control, sounds like they didn't evaporate correctly or got really drunk that night lol.
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  8. Sounds more like a case of coincidence. Probably just got sick around the same time. :D

    However, I have had cases where different batches of QWISO Oil have sparked/ignited easier when touched with a flame, not quite sure what that is... Gets me lifted tho :smoke:
  9. my thoughts on this are that the poster didn't get sick from smoking it but actually from making it. I don't smoke it but I do make a bit and I have in the past had a somewhat similar reaction to it. just crazy rumbling in my stomach etc. I think its from exposure to the fumes. My honest advise....Don't sit there and watch it dry. I think it is the evaporative fumes from drying that can make you ill. Just my opinion though.
  10. A process called hydration combines propene and water. During hydration, the component substances of water, which are hydrogen and oxygen (H20), react with those that compose propene---carbon and hydrogen (C3H6). The reactions form new chemical bonds and create isopropyl alcohol (C3H7OH). There are actually two means of hydration. One is the direct method, the other is indirect.

    So when isopropyl is exposed to air, water is all that's left.
  11. Well u shouldn't smoke it right away but...if you let the alcohol evaporate for a few days it will be fine.
  12. No matter what percent of alcohol you use and how you justify it with chemist talk of C3H7OH's and hydration, your are missing a very important thing, EVEN 100% alcohol has sucrose octaacetate a pesticide, denatonium benzoate anti freeze, acetone, Nail polish remover, Methyl isobutyl ketone is a plastic additive, not to meantion that ALL %s have a small amount of dye in them. These are found in 100% alcho in this country and guess what? None of it evaporates. Smoke up. Anyone feel sick now?

    Anyone who tells you alcohol is a great and safe way to make hash is wrong
    Anyone who tells you Butane is a great and safe way to make hash is a damn fool

    Alah gave us water for a reason, To make hash with.
    Use bubble bags
  13. Don't smoke the plant matter. There's no benefit from it.

    Don't drink the isopropyl alcohol either.

  14. who the fuck was gonna drink it?
  15. y are we just quoting things off the internet, why are we talking about drinking it and how much you have to weigh before it hurts you?? Durh don't drink it. we were actually talkin about hash
  16. He rb drink it smoke it or if you want stuff it its all the same!!
  17. If you can't convince them, confuse them."
    -- Harry Truman
    Soon as i saw that quote i knew it wasn't from Che,
    Che became one nasty nasty guy that killed a huge number of innocent people, not my role model....

  18. EVEN 100% alcohol has sucrose octaacetate a pesticide, denatonium benzoate anti freeze, acetone, Nail polish remover, Methyl isobutyl ketone is a plastic additive,

    Herb isn't all the same if you cover it in anti freeze and nail polish remover, but by all means smoke it if that's what you like
  19. wow. this thread is crazy. as long as you do it right you will be fine. when you evaporate the iso, you need to have it in something with a large surface area, the largest you can get. the lower you fill it up, the faster it will evap. keep a fan constantly blowing on it til its dry. dont try to heat it or anything like that, let the natural proccess occur. once you think it is dry, let it sit for another 24 - 48 hours, then scrape. you will be fine.

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