Is infusing ejuice even worth it?

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  1. Ive been thinking about washing my avb with everclear, winterizing it, reducing, and finally adding to some ej mix to make some ejuice for a tank. But now that im thinking about it, even when i tried that with rosin it still seemed like it took forever to get a tiny buzz and was simomy to weak after being diluted with the ej my question is, have any of you ever seen a tank with juice that hit hard or do they only work on lower tolerances? I hope im just missing something and that i can somehow get a potent juice.
  2. I mixed a gram of weed into a bottle of ecig juice and left it for a month, when I smoked it I got high but not as high I would have if I used my bong
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  3. Yea man im starting to think,its a dead end.i wanted a diff way to use my avb than edibles but something about the juice n tank setup just doesnt seem to,work,well.not even when you start with concentrates it seems.
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  4. Its not worth it for the high you get man, why dont you make edibles with your avp? There's plenty of recipes on here for it bro
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  5. You gotta toss it in for a long ass time. Kind of one of those "forget about it for a 5 weeks" projects. If you haven't done it...go for it. Just tossing it in Eliquid isn't going to net as much result as making a glycerin tincture from scratch though. Lazy...end result...something. If it's just going to sit around and you like Eliquids...I'd say go for it.

    If not...DEFINITELY edibles.
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  6. Its not that i dont know how to make edibles and tincs, i just really wanted a tank full of discreet medicine that i could inhale, and because i love to try new things with my materials.wax pens are great but they hit too hard for casual use.i just wanted to know if its possible to get the potency in a tank to be about the same as a toke from a J.
  7. General consensus is it's pretty weak. You have to put a lot of effort in to concentrate it. Mixing with Ejuice flavors especially premium I'd certainly do it...if you like eliquids like I said.

    I certainly like it...but it takes a while. As far as being like a hit from a J...probably not due to the difference in combustion and vaporizing. If you like vaping go for it...If you wanting strength you have to start with a potent starting source otherwise you'll have to concentrate it which is just extra steps.
  8. It can be decent if made potent enough. Using what Im guessing was a small amount of low grade concentrate from abv material is not going to work near as well as using a larger amount of excellent concentrate. Garbage in, Garbage out. Any type of edibles and tinctures are much better if you use wax/shatter quality concentrates.
  9. Well on any other occasion id agree. But i actually did this once and used a gram of rosin plus just BARELY enough drops of ej mix to emulsify the rosin and it still came out sorta weak imho.i think that its something to do with the speed of cannabinoid its too slow in a tank to get you high...idk just a theory.
  10. Haven't done it with abv but have don e it with fresh decarbed bud and everclear and then infusing it in my diy juice. Took a couple hits but worked great

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  11. I use vapeur extract and in my experience it actually does very well. It can take 1g of extract to 1ml of liquid. Shatter or rosin works better than something like live resin but i've done it with all of the above. I normally use it in a pen on the go, and then it won't get you super baked because the quantity is so small but it will definitely get you high at 1g / ml, but throw a few drops in a dripper and oooooeeeee, just like taking a bong rip or small dab. A tank is definitely a slow way to do it, you have to really haul on it for a good few minutes. A dripper gets you a much bigger volume all at once.

    Even just looking at regular nicotine juice, the stuff for a pen style atty is 12 or 18 mg / ml, whereas a thick juice for a sub ohm / rba is 3mg or 6mg. Its a big difference in how quickly you can get it.

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