Is Hydroponics harder?

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  1. Is it generally thought that hydroponics is more difficult than soil growing? Indoors I mean. I don't have access to anywhere outdoors.
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    Hi KreeMN. I'm currently in the process of switching to hydro. Keep in mind I never actually finished my soil grow - just kinda switched to hydro halfway through. From what I've experienced thus far, I think hydro will have a bit more checking up on; monitoring res pH and nute levels, and keeping the water level up.

    With my soil grow (which my mother plant is still in), all I did was water them when needed with tap water that had been sitting out for 48 hours or so.

    I decided to switch to hydro because I wanted a little faster growth. I'd like to get some organic soil grows in eventually, but for at least my first two flowering sessions I'm ganna follow the Lucas method and use DWC. I'm planning on keeping all my future mothers in soil though.

    And since you're from MN, don't forget to write to your elected officals and urge them to support SF0097 and HF0292 (Minnesota's Medical Marijuana bill)!
  3. Well I always tell new growers to get a few grows in soil under thier belts to learn the basic "how too's" of growing. Soil is far more forgiving than hydro, soil will give you some time to correct the problem...where as hydro when it starts to go, it can go fast. I think thats the main problem with new growers using hydro setups(besides thinking your going to get better bud). A new grower learning to grow in hydro may not be able to see a problem developing, where soil would allow more time to find the problem.

    But in the end its a preference...and if you choose hydro, just be prepaird for set backs and dont give up if you have one.

  4. it's harder to setup and do it correctly, but will give you better yields and control.

    Hydro is like having an IV tube in your plant's vein and you can inject anything to make it better and stronger, but you can also kill it easily :p

    Hydro's good for when you got some expenrience and you're willing to dish out the cash and time on a good hydro setup for constant growing.

    If you got cash etc, I'd recommend starting with soil and then cloning a female... and slowly switching the cloning to hydro. That way you might make mistakes but you wont kill your crop.
  5. I want to work with clones but gotta get a plant to the Mom stage first. Can't get clones around here.
  6. its not hard to get a mom ready...but unless your needing alot of clones, I would grow your moms in soil to slow the growth. I cant get clones here either, as soon as your plant show alternating nodes its sexually mature and ready to clone. If your going to go hydro and dont want to wait to start your grow, you can take a cutting off the plant before moving it to flowering and use it as the mother.

    If you short on cash, stick to soil to ensure your able to provide the right condtions...being short of cash and hydro grows not a good combo, since you wont be able to provide the conditions for the plants to thrive. Hydro has equipment that soil does not require for a successful grow. Plan out your grow before starting...nothing worse than seeing someone germ some nice genetics to not even have the grow space done.
  7. i know, start with soil and get your mom.

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