Is HPS realy worth it

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Eros, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. I've been looking around and it seems the only way to get HPS is to order it online for over $250. But I can just go to the store and get fluro for realy cheap. My space is about 4ft wide, 2ft deep, and 3.5ft tall. What should I do?
  2. Thanks for the link. Now if I can only get my seed order to clear I'll be on my way to a higher day.
  3. Ebay !!! They have got kits there now, they are cheapest ive seen them.
  4. hmm... $97.00 for 430W. I've never seen a 430, but if the bid stays down I'll buy it. A huge plus is paypal, since I don't have a credit card. Altho the original reason I avoid ebay and other such places is the risk of never getting the item. That would REALY PISS ME OFF!
  5. Hi sorry just realized that you are in US, im a uk user, they have buy it now for £80.00.
  6. The item I'm looking at doesn't have a but it now option. And the ones that do are more expensive than the site given to me by the previous person, but thanks anyways.
  7. If you want to have a higher chance of getting your seeds in
    the US, order from a Canadian seed company. Not saying
    they won't get pinched, but you stand a better chance of
    getting them from Canada.
  8. Hi all...

    As you may know im a newbie grower so giving advice may be the wrong thing to do, but here goes anyway. From your original post "are Hps really worth it" I say Yes, For the first two weeks of veg i used 3X 35watt fluros and the plants grew ok but looked abit like they were wilting and struggling to survive, But i decided to turn off the fluro and put my 400Watt HPS on, To my amzement within 3 hours of the light being on the plants seemed to sprint up and shoot out, So from that i have learned that my HPS works better than my fluros. Maybe useless advice may be good i dont no, but thats my opinion.
  9. All the stuff I've read says start under flouros for a couple of weeks then go to HPS or MH, but are you guys starting out on HPS? If not, when do you change over? I'm on my first grow so have nothing to go on.
  10. thnx bob.

    I'll stick my five seedlings under the HPS right now.

    This is exciting!
  11. ...what type of bulb?

    bollox. I've no idea and I've thrown the box away. When it warms up it definitely gives off an orange glow, so I assume it's not an all in. Does that mean I'm only supposed to use if for flowering, coz I'd intended to put them under the HPS anyway in another week to veg them until they hit 10".

    I'll put two seedlings under the flouros and three under the HPS and see what difference it makes. I'll post back here in a couple of days in case anyone else is in the same situation adn can benefit from my mistakes.
  12. If you had a HPS why would you ever use flouro's? they are pretty much worthless unless you like plants that dont even have enough strength to hold themselves up. ..................................................
  13. HID lights (HPS, MH) give out much more lumens per watt than other lights and don't have to be so close to the plants.
  14. I use 320 watts of tube fluoros for VEG growth. I have a problem keeping heat down in that room and I have a separate VEG and FLOWER room.

    For FLOWER I use a 1000w HPS. The plants love it so much but it's too hot to use for veg room being so small.


    1) Blue spectrum light (MH or fluoro) is good for keeping SHORT internodal spacing. Red spectrum (HPS) is great but the plants start to grow very tall as it creates LARGE internodal spacing (the space between nodes).

    2) Be VERY careful using HID (high intensity discharge) lighting on baby plants. Temps get really hot and you can burn them up without proper ventilation.

    Other than that, look forward to seeing some finished product :)


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